KSI fans name him “best boxer in the world” after Logan Paul vs Mayweather result

KSI and Logan Paul side by side in boxing gearTwitter: KSI/YouTube: ShowTime Sports

YouTube star JJ ‘KSI’ Olatunji questioned if he’s now the best boxer in the world after Logan Paul managed to go the distance and score a draw against Floyd Mayweather, and fans are backing him.

After weeks of back and forth, Logan Paul and Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather finally squared off on June 6, going the distance and coming out with a draw.

While Floyd landed some nice shots on the social media sensation, he didn’t fulfill his promise of winning by knockout, nor did Logan score the upset that would have rocked the boxing world.

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Plenty has been said already about the fight, with other influencers eyeing up fights now. As for KSI, he said he wasn’t going to watch, but the result quickly caught his attention anyway.

Amanda Westcott for SHOWTIME
Logan and Floyd fought to a draw in Miami.

After the fight finished, KSI took to Twitter and asked his fans to fill him in on the result. “Just woke up, what I miss?” he posted.

As many fans quickly pointed out, the British YouTuber managed to do what Floyd couldn’t, as he not only beat Logan in their fight, but also managed to score a knockdown. So, some took that to mean he might be better than the 50-0 boxing icon.

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“So…You’re saying I’m now the best boxer in the world?” KSI said after all the jokes and updates about the fight flooded his mentions, but he left it there and didn’t call out Floyd as some may have wanted him to do.

Even his brother Deji got in on the fun and declared KSI the best in the world.

It’s the same, twisted and joking argument that gets tossed around from sport to sport – where someone becomes a lineal winner because they managed to score a result where someone else couldn’t.

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Just like Logan, KSI would probably struggle to beat Floyd, but he may give a better account of himself. Either way, if he steps into the ring again, he’s likely to fight Bryce Hall seeing as they’ve been trading blows on social media.