CallMeCarson makes surprise Twitch return by photobombing Mizkif’s stream

. 11 months ago
CallMeCarson makes surprise Twitch return by photobombing Mizkif's stream
Twitch: Mizkif / CallMeCarson

Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King made an unexpected Twitch return after he opened the door into Mizkif’s streaming room and waltzed right in, photobombing him and Maya in the process.

CallMeCarson has kept a low profile after being accused of grooming underage fans back in January 2021.

However, he has been popping up more frequently in recent months, which many saw as a sign of him ‘testing the waters’ for an imminent return.

First, he re-emerged on social media to tell Ludwig ‘Ludwig’ Ahgren to stop sharing a video involving him during his subathon.

Then, he showed up once again by ‘accidentally’ posting an old political article. And then he did it again in August 2021.

Now, he’s taken it a step further and made a surprise appearance by dropping in on Mizkif’s stream. They only showed him on camera for a brief moment, but it was enough to get everyone on the internet talking about it.

CallMeCarson was accused of grooming a minor.

While Maya was sitting on the computer chair, Carson ‘accidentally’ opened the door and walked into the room, saying, “Oh, wrong room. Is this the bathroom? Where is the bathroom?”

He was out of focus and looked a little blurry, but it was clearly him.

After Mizkif and Maya told him that the bathroom was located down the hall, he promptly closed the door and walked out of the shot.

“Who’s that? Get back here,” said Mizkif, before running out the door and repeating the directions.

Nobody expected him to return so soon, let alone in that fashion. And of course, fans had mixed reactions about it, which is no surprise given that content creators are up in arms about it, too.

Some cut ties with him, while others claimed what he did “wasn’t that bad.”

Either way, it seems like the unexpected appearance might have been the next stepping stone for him to see if the internet is ready to welcome him back.

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