Twitter reacts: CallMeCarson sparks controversy by returning to social media

CallMeCarson in a Twitch streamTwitch: CallMeCarson

Streamer and YouTuber CallMeCarson shocked many when he returned to social media after five months of silence following his scandal, but people are divided over whether it’s right for the creator to return to posting.

In January 2021, Carson was accused of grooming underage fans, and after he lost several friends and countless fans over the controversy, he quickly went silent on the internet, ceasing to post on all platforms.

In the five months since the controversy, the streamer has ‘unofficially’ resurfaced online twice. In one instance in April, Ludwig revealed that Carson had messaged him while on stream during his subathon to request that he turn off a video featuring him that was auto-playing.

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Call Me Carson in a videoTwitch: CallMeCarsonLIVE
Carson has been more or less silent online since January.

Then in May he ‘accidentally’ posted an old political article, though many people believed the post to be a deliberate way of testing the waters for his return.

Now, the streamer has caused uproar again after he posted a tweet on June 19 that read: “Give me a little bit longer.”

The unexpected post immediately caught people’s attention on social media, but not everyone agrees that he should make a comeback.

Fans want Carson to return

There were some fans who felt that the initial response to the allegations had been disproportionate, and some even went as far as to say they “can’t wait” for him to return fully to social media and content creation.

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Fan replies to CallMeCarson's tweet

Original Tweet

Others blamed Twitter for the huge controversy, and claimed that those who are still mad at him need to “grow the f**k up and get over it.”

Twitter user comments on CallMeCarson

Original Tweet

Backlash against Carson’s ‘comeback’

However, Twitter was also flooded with messages from those who still feel Carson should stay away from social media. Some pointed out the fact that even Carson’s friends distanced themselves from him.

Carson compared to James Charles

Beauty influencer James Charles issued an apology back in April after admitting to messaging underage boys inappropriately, claiming he believed them to be over the age of 18.

His name started trending after Carson dropped his tweet, with many drawing comparisons between the two creators.

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People asked why the response to Carson’s behavior hadn’t been matched when it came to the allegations against James.

Comment about CallMeCarson and JamesCharles

Original Tweet

How long Carson is planning to wait before making his return is unclear, and it’s also not known whether he plans to make a video addressing the allegations or jump straight back into regular content creation.

Regardless, his return will continue to divide opinion online.