CallMeCarson breaks months-long social media hiatus with bizarre tweet

. 11 months ago
Carson tweeted and deleted something weird amid social media break
Instagram: CallMeCarsonYT

YouTuber and social media personality CallMeCarson caught many people by surprise. It’s been almost two months since Carson King last posted on Twitter but his latest tweet was quickly deleted after claiming it was a mistake.

Carson has been set around controversy all year ever since he was accused of grooming underage fans in January 2021.

Since these allegations Carson has gone silent on social media and YouTube but back in June he tweeted out, “give me a little bit longer” which sparked quite the debate if the once star should even return.

His latest tweet caught the attention of many for the short time it was up as he quickly deleted what he said but not before the community was able to capture the moment.

CallMeCarson has been accused of grooming several underage YouTube fans.
Twitch: CallMeCarson
CallMeCarson has taken a break from social media amid accusations of grooming underage fans.

CallMeCarson sends awkward tweet then claims it was a mistake

Fans haven’t heard from Carson in quite some time but he finally sent a tweet after a long time of silence.

This tweet, however, really had no context to it whatsoever and makes no sense at all. Before it was deleted “Ourlxdyofsxrro1” was able to get a screenshot of this tweet and posted it to their account.

Carson Tweet
Twitter, Ourlxdyofsxrro1
This tweet from Carson was quickly deleted but user ‘Ourlxdyofsxrro1’ was able to capture it.

Now we’re not going to jump to conclusions on this one but it does raise questions as to what specifically this even means.

He did go on to reply to his tweet saying that this was a mistake and he forgot that he was not on his private Twitter account.

Carson also said to give him a few more weeks but fans have heard him say that before. As for now even if he meant to post that on his private account there still is no context as to why he tweeted this.

For now, fans will have to wait “a few more weeks” to see if Carson breaks his social media absence and comes out with a full explanation to everything that has surrounded him in 2021.

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