CallMeCarson accused of ‘grooming’ underage fans

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CallMeCarson has been accused of grooming several underage YouTube fans.
Twitch: CallMeCarson

YouTube star and popular Minecraft streamer Carson ‘CallMeCarson’ King has been accused of grooming underage fans by at least one woman on Twitter, with former Lunch Club members Hugbox suggesting there may have been more.

The first allegations against Carson were leveled by KEEMSTAR, who released a video interview with former Lunch Club members Traves and Hugbox. 

“One day in March he called me… and I picked up the phone and he said ‘I have to tell you something’,” Hugbox stated. “He revealed that he had sexted underage girls, and I think that he said that they were fans. That was what I was told.”

Soon after the video went live, “Carson” began trending on Twitter.

Carson accused of ‘grooming’ on Twitter

This was followed by allegations from ‘miniborb’ on Twitter. The user, who lists her username as “Sam,” claims she was “groomed by Carson” when she was just 17 years old and “still in high school.” According to Sam, the pair began talking after she tweeted at him on social media, and he “went straight to [her] dms.”

“I have talked to many people and never came out about this since [sic] now.”

Her post also included a number of Discord messages between the pair.

These included statements from Carson suggesting he “only wanted to talk to [Sam] for the sexual part,” and “couldn’t control himself.” He also suggested he thought about miniborb ⁠— who was using the username ‘gorl’ on Discord ⁠— “every time,” to which she replied she was “in school.”

The YouTuber also wrote that messaging Sam was “such a bad idea,” and told her at one point during their conversation that she was “hard to resist.”

Miniborb also shared their related ‘logs’ through a scrolling Twitter video. The first messages in the video appear to have been sent on March 29, 2019.

CallMeCarson has yet to publicly respond to the accusations.

While the YouTuber remains silent, several internet celebrities close to him have offered comments. One such comment came from Australian YouTuber Fitz, who simply commented “yep” soon after the news began trending.

Fitz was one of Carson’s friends, before it was revealed he and the YouTuber’s now ex-girlfriend Katerino had a secret relationship behind King’s back.

Slimecicle reported Carson to federal law enforcement

In a statement published by the former Lunch Club member, a Minecraft YouTube group, Charlie ‘Slimecicle’ Dalgleish reveals that Carson admitted to all Lunch Club members and their manager that he had exchanged inappropriate pictures with a girl he believed to be 17.

Dalgleish says that he immediately cut ties with Carson and the Lunch Club, reporting the story to federal law enforcement as he believed a crime to have been committed.

Slimecicle adds that he has taken every step to protect the unnamed victim and report the information to authorities, adding that “no person should ever have to be the victim of something like this.”

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