Bryce Hall announces return to boxing — who will he fight?

Georgina Smith
Bryce Hall father

TikToker Bryce Hall has announced that he’ll be returning to boxing with a fight this summer, and with Jake Paul and KSI each with their own events at a similar time, fans are already wondering who the star will be up against.

22-year-old Bryce Hall made his influencer boxing debut when he stepped into the ring with The ACE Family’s Austin McBroom in 2021 as part of Social Gloves’ Battle of the Platforms event, which saw a host of YouTubers and TikTokers go up against each other.

Bryce ended up losing the fight to Austin, but the event was shrouded in controversy after several fighters and staff members revealed that they hadn’t been paid.

Some fans have been eagerly awaiting the TikTok star’s return to boxing, and on May 15, he announced that he is coming back to the sport. “BOXING MATCH THIS SUMMER; I’m coming back baby,” he wrote on Twitter.

He hasn’t yet revealed who he will be fighting, but fans immediately began speculating about who his opponent could possibly be.

The Island Boys

Perhaps the most likely contenders, The Island Boys have been involved in an online back-and-forth with Bryce for months now over a potential boxing match.

Although for a while it seemed like a fight between them wouldn’t go ahead, in an April 28 YouTube vlog, Bryce claimed that the influencers had finally officially accepted his offer.

The Island Boys pose for a picture
The Island Boys have generated a lot of attention on social media.

“The Island Boys finally accepted my offer to fight in a boxing match, 2v1,” he said. “They fell right into my trap. The Island Boys are f**ked,” he said, later adding: “They realized very quickly how fast they were falling into irrelevance. I am not only a killer, I revive people’s careers! Island Boys, I can’t wait to fight you.”

However, there’s been no official confirmation of an event just yet.

Deji Olatunji

KSI’s younger brother Deji currently has three losses to his name, losing his last match to YouTuber Alex Wassabi in March 2022.

Although Deji originally said he was going to quit the sport altogether if he lost that fight, he ended up changing his mind.

Deji films a YouTube video
Deji revealed he plans to keep trying to get a boxing victory.

“I want you to see me as an example. Yeah, I failed three times, but I’m not stopping. I’m coming back. I’m gonna carry on boxing, and I’m gonna get a victory. And you know for a fact I will,” he said in a YouTube video.

His opponent Wassabi even suggested that Deji could fight someone like Bryce Hall next, so it seems there is some interest in the pairing.

Jake Paul or KSI event?

Although it’s unlikely that Jake Paul or KSI themselves would fight Bryce, both of these influencers have events set for this summer, leading some fans to speculate that Bryce will be appearing on the undercard for one of them.

On May 4, KSI uploaded a teaser trailer to Twitter in which he confirmed his next fight would be on August 27. However, so far an opponent hasn’t been announced.

Also in May, Jake Paul revealed that he’d be stepping back into the ring on August 13, but again, so far he hasn’t revealed who he will be fighting.

Whether Bryce will be part of the undercard for either of these fights remains to be seen, but it seems like some fans are keen to see him at one of the events.

Although it’s not clear who Bryce will be fighting yet, it’s going to be a very busy summer for influencer boxing.

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