Deji reveals plan to keep fighting after 3 boxing defeats in a row

Deji films a YouTube videoYouTube: Deji

YouTuber Deji has claimed he will be continuing his boxing career after his loss to Alex Wassabi, despite earlier claims that he would retire from the sport if he didn’t win.

March 5 saw Deji and Alex Wassabi face off in a headline fight that ended up dominating social media, with some fans loving the event and others less than impressed.

It was Wassabi that ultimately took the win by split decision, which disappointed Deji fans who had hoped to see the YouTuber get his first boxing win.

In 2018, Deji lost his fight against Jake Paul, and later in 2021 also lost to TikToker Vinnie Hacker as part of the Battle of the Platforms event.

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Prior to the fight, Deji had indicated that he planned to retire from the sport if he were to lose for a third time, but in a new YouTube video, he explained why his plans have changed.

“I said that if I were to lose my last boxing fight I’d never fight again,” he began. “And I was serious about that. If I lost my last fight, I was not gonna fight again.”

He later went on to say: “I want you to see me as an example. Yeah, I failed three times, but I’m not stopping. I’m coming back. I’m gonna carry on boxing, and I’m gonna get a victory. And you know for a fact I will.”

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“I’m gonna show you, no matter how many times you get beat you can still pick yourself back up and win. Use me as an example, I will get you a victory, and I promise you that.”

Deji also said that he’s still planning on uploading videos, saying he did “somewhat neglect YouTube because I did take a break.”

It’s not yet clear who Deji plans on fighting next, but his fans are hoping that he’ll be able to get his first win.