KSI mocks Bryce Hall teasing boxing return: “Take the gloves off”

Bryce Hall and KSI next to each other

YouTube star KSI has taunted Bryce Hall after the TikToker teased his boxing return after a long hiatus.

After almost a year and a half since his last fight against Austin McBroom, Bryce Hall hints at his return to boxing.

On May 27, the influencer teased his boxing return on Twitter. Bryce posted a 45-second clip showcasing his recent pad work after over a year of being out of the ring.

“First time putting gloves on in a year… I miss this shit man,” he wrote alongside the video.

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Some gave credit to the influencer for looking in “decent” form despite his prolonged break. However, KSI couldn’t help but criticize the TikToker — encouraging him to quit before he’s ahead.

“Take the gloves back off mate,” he said.

Hitting back, Bryce poked fun at the British YouTube star. The influencer mocked KSI for his recent “accidental elbow” knockout over Joe Fournier. The action has since been overturned and declared a No Decision by the PBA.

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Bryce continued by offering KSI an MMA match, “One year off and I still manage to not throw elbows. But we should do an MMA fight since you got it like that.”

In response to the jab, KSI claimed Misfits boxer Halal Ham would easily take on Bryce. KSI also urged Bryce to stick with TikTok rather than get involved with boxing. “Honestly, Halal ham would destroy you. You stink mate. Stay on TikTok,” he said.

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With Misfits signing a five-year deal with DAZN earlier in 2023, there are many opportunities for Bryce to hop on a card in the coming months.

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