UFC star Sean Strickland wants to legally “kill” Jake Paul and Bryce Hall in mutual combat

Michael Gwilliam
ufc fighter sean strickland with bryce hall and jake paulYouTube/UFC/Instagram

Former UFC Middleweight champ Sean Strickland has agreed to fight Bryce Hall and Jake Paul to the death as his feuds with influencers continue to intensify.

Sean Strickland has emerged as one of the UFC’s top talents, despite losing the Middleweight title to rival Dricus du Plessis at UFC 297 in a closely contested battle.

Since this loss, Strickland has been making waves online, feuding with influencer-turned-boxer Jake Paul and even annihilating Sneako when the streamer asked to spar.

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Bryce Hall, who has shown to be quite tough himself by competing in bare-knuckle fighting, saw footage of the spar and decided to throw his own hat into the octagon, challenging Strickland to take him on – something the UFC star accepted.

Sean Strickland warns Bryce Hall fight will end with a “dead body”

On X, formerly known as Twitter, Bryce Hall retweeted the fight between Strickland and Sneako, commenting how he’d be down to spar the former UFC champ.

A few days later, Sean posted a screenshot of his Instagram conversation with Hall agreeing to the fight, saying it was a “deal.”

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“Me and you this week. I’ll give you a location. You can bring a pro or something,” he said. “Just me and you, I’m tired of this gym BS. You ready to be a man for the first time in your life?”

It’s not clear if Hall ended up responding to Sean on Instagram, but that didn’t stop Strickland from upping the ante and making his agreement to fight public by sending the influencer a warning.

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“You all wanna see a dead body?” he asked. “God, this is the only thing I’ve ever wanted. Please, please, I never ask you for anything… please.”

For his part, Bryce did end up agreeing to Strickland’s terms, replying back, “U know I’m down Seanny boy” with a winky emoji, but it seems like he didn’t follow up further.

Sean Strickland wants to “kill” Jake Paul and Bryce Hall

After Bryce went silent, Strickland lashed out, calling the influencer a “coward” for RTing the screenshots of their conversation but not replying on Instagram.

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“There is not one ounce of f**king man in you,” Strickland blasted Hall in a DM.

Following this, he took things up a notch, posting a screenshot of “mutual combat laws” and how he would love to fight Hall and Jake Paul in Texas because he could legally “kill” them.

“Can I kill Bryce Hall in Texas? Mutual combat and stand your ground state,” he pondered. “There you go Jake Paul, also can you bring the million or more. You won’t be needing it after lmao… f**k I wish.”

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Jake Paul had offered Strickland to spar and even put $1M on the line. The catch? If the UFC fighter lost, he’d have to get a Betr tattoo. In response, the former UFC champ urged Paul to fight him in the desert away from social media.

Bryce Hall has since responded to the callout by posting a wild west meme and comparing Strickland’s challenge to an 1800s-style pistol duel.

“Sean CTE Strickland is mad that I haven’t sparred him in boxing yet. Tbh yes, you would hurt me if we were doing MMA ( which we’re not ) but if we only use our hands there’s nothing that’s impressive about you. I’m all in,” he said.

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Strickland was quick to shoot back, “And to be clear we’re not going to spar. I’m going to take a piece of you. Forest won’t be there. This isn’t friendly I’m going to take a piece of you. Send location. It’s that easy. Done deal… gloves, no gloves.. idc.”

We’ll have to see if Bryce Hall and Jake Paul step up now that they’ve angered one of MMA‘s top athletes.

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