Bryce Hall says Island Boys have accepted 2v1 boxing match offer

Bryce Hall says Island Boys have accepted 2v1 fight offerYouTube: Big Bag Ent, Bryce Hall

TikTok star Bryce Hall claims rap duo ‘The Island Boys’ have finally accepted his offer for a 2v1 boxing match after months of trying to get the ball rolling.

The Island Boys broke onto the social media scene in a huge way following the release of their viral rap song of the same name last year.

The track became an instant earworm — but the rappers themselves weren’t met with much acclaim, instead getting booed at their very first concert and even getting pelted with drinks after attending Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley’s boxing rematch.

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Around that time, influencer Bryce Hall started calling out the duo for a possible boxing match after getting into a tiff with them in a series of viral TikTok clips.

Island Boys boxingInstagram: Flyysoulja
The Island Boys recently uploaded their “sparring” footage in a viral Instagram post.

Things came to a head in March 2022, when the three got into a heated conversation over Instagram Live as they were supposed to be negotiating their proposed contract.

At the time, it didn’t look like anything would come of this feud… but now, it seems that naysayers are proven wrong.

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Island Boys officially accept Bryce Hall fight offer

In an April 28 YouTube vlog, Hall claimed that the Island Boys have officially accepted his offer — including the two versus one element.

“The Island Boys finally accepted my offer to fight in a boxing match, 2v1,” he said. “They fell right into my trap. The Island Boys are f**ked.”

“They realized very quickly how fast they were falling into irrelevance. I am not only a killer, I revive people’s careers! Island Boys, I can’t wait to fight you.”

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Bryce Hall vs McBroomInstagram: austinmcbroom
Bryce Hall notably lost his debut boxing match against YouTuber Austin McBroom in 2021 – but he’s dead set on KO’ing the Island Boys.

Hall then reacted to the Island Boys’ viral sparring footage, joking that he was now “responsible for the biggest meme in internet history.”

“Knocking out the Island Boys would go farther than my career, honestly,” he added.

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Thus far, the Island Boys have yet to publicly comment on the situation.

This news comes just ahead of the upcoming influencer boxing event Creator Clash, as well as Jake Paul’s upcoming bout slated for August.

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