Austin McBroom finally resolves Social Gloves lawsuit with $3 million settlement

Austin McBroom settles social gloves youtubers vs tiktokers lawsuitYouTube: The ACE Family

YouTuber Austin McBroom has reportedly settled two lawsuits resulting from the drama of last year’s Social Gloves ‘YouTubers vs TikTokers’ boxing event.

On June 12, 2021, fourteen of YouTube and TikTok’s prime influencers faced off in the boxing ring to see which platform would come out on top.

Team YouTube swept the competition, with the ACE Family’s Austin McBroom notably winning his grudge match against TikTok’s Bryce Hall — but the aftermath of the event saw him lose out in a big way.

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Weeks after the event took place, talent conscripted for the showdown began speaking out on social media, claiming that they hadn’t been compensated for their time in the ring.

YouTubers vs TikTokers fight posterInstagram: LiveXLive
2021’s Social Gloves YouTubers vs TikTokers event saw a big win for Team YouTube.

This resulted in a slew of backlash against McBroom, as well as several lawsuits — two of which have finally been settled, nearly half a year after the fact.

According to reports from Billboard, LiveOne (formerly LivexLive) agreed to pay out $3 million to “applicable payees” from the YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event last year.

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This both marks the end of McBroom’s reported “breach of contract” against LiveOne and LiveOne’s $100 million defamation suit against the ACE Family YouTuber.

Austin and Catherine McBroom talking to the cameraYouTube: The ACE Family
Austin McBroom (pictured here with wife Catherine McBroom) has reportedly settled a pair of lawsuits with LiveOne after the fallout of last year’s YouTubers vs TikTokers boxing event.

As evidenced by SEC filings posted on Valentine’s Day, the lawsuits were actually settled in December 2021.

This isn’t the only suit that McBroom has laid to rest; representatives from TikToker Tayler Holder also stated that Holder had settled his $2 million suit against McBroom around the same time.

The YouTubers vs TikTokers event saw a mountain of outrage against McBroom, even earning some flak from major celebrity investors like James Harden, who reportedly sought $2 million in damages from the YouTuber (although wife Catherine McBroom claimed these reports to be false).

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Bryce Hall Austin McBroom YouTube vs TikTokYouTube: The Daily Stardust
Austin McBroom was facing backlash from a slew of YouTubers – including opponent Bryce Hall, who claimed that he wasn’t compensated for his title card bout.

For now, it looks like McBroom is finally out from under the swath of drama that occurred from one of the most-hyped influencer boxing events thus far… although YouTuber Logan Paul is similarly claiming he hasn’t been paid for his bout against Floyd Mayweather, either.