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Best up and coming streamers you need to watch in 2021

Published: 25/Dec/2020 20:10

by Jacob Hale


2020 has been a huge year for streamers, finding themselves even more inundated with viewers and support, but these are some breakout streamers you’ll want to check out as we head into 2021.

Livestreaming is no longer the niche hobby it was just a few years ago: now, there are thousands of creators making a healthy living on Twitch, YouTube and other platforms.

But who are the content creators we expect to push out and make a huge name for themselves in 2021? Let’s take a look.


AverageHarry went viral earlier in 2020 after a group of people laughed at him livestreaming by himself, and can often be found Just Chatting or playing Minecraft for his viewers’ entertainment.


averageharry on twitch
Twitch: AverageHarry
AverageHarry is a teen from the UK that’s definitely got a bright streaming future ahead of him.

Harry is one of a group of successful upcoming streamers in the UK, alongside the likes of TommyInnit another Warzone phenomenon who features lower down this list.


Masayoshi is another variety streamer that looks set for a big year, very much fitting the mold of other successful creators in streaming, and even Mizkif has singled him out as one to look out for.

If you’re a fan of the OTK group and those kinds of streams, Masayoshi might be the right fit for you, especially with his combination of Just Chatting and gaming streams.


ZLaner is, arguably, one of the best Warzone players in the world, always turning up at the big tournaments alongside the likes of Aydan and HusKerrs, and at the time of writing is in the top 10 for Warzone earnings.


You can catch ZLaner’s livestream on Facebook, but he also uploads a lot of his gameplay to YouTube, too, and if he keeps up his solid performances it’s only a matter of time before he blows up.


jinnytty korean twitch streamer on instagram
Instagram: yyj0728
Jinny’s bubbly personality and charm has won over thousands of followers already, and she’s only going to grow even further.

Jinny has already had a good year in 2020, and is perhaps one of the most well-known names on this list, but we wouldn’t be surprised to see her Just Chatting streams flying to the top of the Twitch charts in 2021.

The Korean IRL streamer always manages to find herself in weird and wacky situations, and you always know you’re in for a treat when you tune in.



Jordy2d is a name that you might have heard already, consistently making viral Warzone content on TikTok as well as featuring in some TimTheTatman videos.

He’s brought his talents to Twitch in 2020, and 2021 looks like it could be a big year for the battle royale aficionado, especially if he can bring the same levels of consistency to Twitch as he has to TikTok.

Botez Sisters

The Botez Sisters play chess on Twitch
Instagram: missbotez
The Botez sisters are chess geniuses and highly-entertaining streamers.

The Botez Sisters featured in the Dexerto Awards this year as a nominee for Breakthrough Streamer of the Year, but having recently signed to esports organization Envy, these two chess geniuses are just about ready to blow up in 2021, even more than they have in 2020.


Even if chess isn’t your thing, these two are incredibly entertaining and fit the Twitch bill very well, making every game and every stream a fun one.


Justaminx has most recently made headlines at the end of 2020 for her Twitch suspension, but her fans know and love her for her fun Just Chatting streams and gameplay in titles such as Among Us and Apex Legends.

She’s grown exponentially in 2020 and, with her week-long suspension ending on December 24, you can expect big things in 2021 as fans tune in to see why this streamer was suspended — and stick around for the entertaining streams.



The second and final Warzone player on this list, if you don’t know about Jukeyz, you’ve been missing some incredible Call of Duty content.

Arguably one of the most skilled players in the world, Jukeyz often flies under the radar, but consistently turns up at the big tournaments he plays in and can single-handedly spin a game on its head, while applying his classic Liverpudlian wit and humor to every stream.

Talia Mar

talia mar twitch streamer
Instagram: taliamar
Talia Mar has a decent YouTube following and is dating the Sidemen’s Miniminter.

While Talia Mar might be known for her content on YouTube, where she’s amassed over 800k subscribers, she’s still finding her feet on Twitch, but doing it incredibly well.

Towards the tail end of 2020 Talia has been streaming Among Us with the likes of Pokimane and Dakotaz, so it seems only a matter of time until she becomes a huge Twitch star in her own right.


Heelmike is a variety streamer that you’ll often find in Just Chatting, playing games such as Among Us or Super Smash Bros. or even doing cooking streams, meaning you’ll never know what exactly you’re in for when you tune in.

He signed to G2 Esports in 2020 and looks destined to hit the big time in 2021 with his seemingly continuous growth and backing.

heelmike twitch streamer
Instagram: heelmike6
Heelmike is always keeping things fresh.

So, those are our picks for the best up and coming streamers to keep your eyes on in 2021. Some of them you may have already heard of, but expect many of these to be challenging the biggest names in their field across the next year and truly carve a career for themselves.

Whether we’re looking at the next xQc, NICKMERCS or Valkyrae is another thing entirely, but for now, this group of guys and girls have all the potential in the world, and everything going their way to blow up in the streaming space.