Dexerto Awards 2020 results

Dexerto Awards 2020 winners results

The Dexerto Awards have wrapped up for 2020, crowning victors in multiple categories across esports and online entertainment, including Esports Rookie of the Year, Streamer of the Year and TikToker of the Year!

2020 has been a wild year in all regards. Through the major issues the world was facing, esports, streaming and content prevailed, keeping fans entertained all year.

So, we whittled down some of the biggest categories to four possible winners: people who excelled in their field, players who set their game alight or moments that left us all open-mouthed in shock.

After hundreds of thousands of votes across all categories, we’re very excited to reveal the final winners of the Dexerto Awards 2020.

Esports Rookie of the Year

  • Winner: iLLeY (Call of Duty)
  • Runner-up: Bymas (CS:GO)
  • Third: Alarm (Overwatch)
  • Fourth: Huanfeng (League of Legends)

Coming in to any esport and winning a world championship in your first outing is an astonishingly impressive feat, and iLLeY looked like a veteran with his smart plays and incredible raw skill in the inaugural season of the CDL.

Call of Duty Player of the Year

  • Winner: Envoy
  • Runner-up: Simp
  • Third: Shotzzy
  • Fourth: Abezy

Winning the vote by just 0.4% over Simp, you voted OpTic Chicago’s Envoy as your best Call of Duty player this year. He was the standout player on the then-Hunstmen roster and always dangerous, even when his team was losing.

League of Legends Player of the Year

  • Winner: Caps
  • Runner-up: ShowMaker
  • Third: Canyon
  • Fourth: JackeyLove

LEC Summer MVP Caps was a key component in making sure the West had some representation deep into Worlds and continues to be one of the most respected and feared players on the Rift.

CS:GO Player of the Year

  • Winner: S1mple
  • Runner-up: Zywoo
  • Third: NiKo
  • Fourth: BlameF

For many, s1mple is the best Counter-Strike player of all time, so it’s no surprise to see him taking this award. The Ukrainian has been as exceptional this year as every other year and looked unstoppable on LAN early in the year before tournaments had to move online.

Valorant Player of the Year

  • Winner: Mixwell
  • Runner-up: ScreaM
  • Third: Wardell
  • Fourth: Sinatraa

Former CSGO pro Mixwell has made a seamless transition to Valorant, guiding his G2 team to being near-perfect in Riot’s new FPS. Hopefully 2021 will bring LAN events back and the Spanish star can show us what he’s really capable of.

Warzone Player of the Year

  • Winner: HusKerrs
  • Runner-up: Aydan
  • Third: Vikkstar
  • Fourth: Tommey

HusKerrs has been one of the most dominant players in Verdansk since Warzone launched and is comfortably leading the earnings list, so it only makes sense to see him come out on top as Warzone player of the year.

Overwatch Player of the Year:

  • Winner: Fleta
  • Runner-up: Choihyobin
  • Third: Alarm
  • Fourth: Carpe

Shanghai Dragons just missed out on the Overwatch League finals, but the team’s flex DPS Byung-sun ‘Fleta’ Kim produced some magical moments during OWL, and was named League MVP for 2020.

Streamer of the Year

  • Winner: NICKMERCS
  • Runner-up: Valkyrae
  • Third: Hasan
  • Fourth: xQc

NICKMERCS might have thought his popularity had peaked during his Fortnite days but he actually continued to grow with his switch to Warzone. The FaZe Clan streamer rounds off an incredible year with this win in the Dexerto Awards.

TikToker of the Year

  • Winner: Addison Rae
  • Runner-up: Charli D’Amelio
  • Third: Daniel LaBelle
  • Fourth: Abby Roberts

Addison Rae’s army of fans came out in full force to push their favorite over the line, beating TikTok’s most followed creator, Charli D’Amelio, by just a handful of votes.

Breakthrough Streamer of the Year

  • Winner: Ludwig
  • Runner-up: Sykkuno
  • Third: Corpse_Husband
  • Fourth: The Botez Sisters

Ludwig has enjoyed a standout year in 2020 and his victory over other nominees like Sykkuno and Corpse Husband proves that. All our Breakthrough Streamer of the Year nominees have earned themselves an army of committed fans in 2020 but Ludwig’s turned up in force to give him 46.3% of the final vote.

Cosplayer of the Year

  • Winner: Sydeon
  • Runner-up: Zelina Vega/Thea Trinidad
  • Third: Shirogane-sama
  • Fourth: Mk_Ays

GenG content creator Sydeon has captured some of Apex Legends’ fiercest heroines — among a multitude of other characters — with incredibly detailed cosplays in 2020. The effort was clearly appreciated, as she ran away with this award, earning 75% of the vote.

Stream Highlight of the Year

  • Winner: TimTheTatman finally wins on Fall Guys
  • Runner-up: Dr Disrespect’s first YouTube stream
  • Third: Aydan pays off his mom’s school loans
  • Fourth: Thor breaks deadlift world record

In a story the whole streaming world was following, Tim was desperately trying to earn his first crown in Fall Guys. After a LONG time and a LOT of near misses, the moment he finally earned a win was celebrated worldwide.

Headline of the Year

  • Winner: Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban
  • Runner-up: H3CZ buys OpTic back
  • Third: Mixer shuts down
  • Fourth: 100 Thieves re-enter the Call of Duty League

There have been some jaw-dropping moments in the esports and streaming spheres this year but Dr Disrespect’s Twitch ban is still hotly contested and, to the frustration of just about everyone, not understood. Maybe, in 2021, we’ll finally find out the reason.

Trash Talker of the Year

  • Winner: G2 Ocelote
  • Runner-up: Dr Disrespect
  • Third: Scump
  • Fourth: Tyler1

An award that had Ocelote’s name all over it since it was devised, the G2 owner has made a hilarious habit of mocking his foes with clever tweets and videos. The fact that he’s beaten people like Dr Disrespect to this award is a true testament to his trash talking abilities.

So, there you have it: the complete results for the Dexerto Awards 2020. We want to thank all of you that turned up to vote for your favorite players and creators to show how much their work was appreciated in such a turbulent year.