Fans distraught after JustaMinx banned from Twitch for first time

Virginia Glaze
JustaMinx banned on Twitch
YouTube: JustaMinx

Streaming star and ‘E-Girl Rejects’ member JustaMinx has received her first Twitch ban, leading to an outpour of concern and distress from fans as they await more details on the situation.

JustaMinx has become a hugely popular streamer on Twitch, rising to prominence in its ‘Just Chatting’ section alongside her humorous gameplay in such titles as Phasmophobia, Apex Legends, and Among Us.

Minx has also amassed a large audience across YouTube and Instagram, where her unique style has garnered her over 339,000 followers — but those followers were shocked to learn that she’d been banned from Twitch on December 17.

The news came as a huge surprise to her viewers, who couldn’t fathom a reason as to why the relatively wholesome streamer would receive a sudden ban from the website.

Among the humorous memes threatening to “speak to Twitch’s manager” and other jokes came a reaction from fellow streamer Kiaraakitty, who appeared similarly saddened by the news.

Luckily, Minx spoke out on the matter a short time later with a simple — and hilarious — Tweet: “F**k.”

She followed up her humous reaction with more info for her fans, revealing that she has been banned from the site for seven days.

As for the reason for her ban, Minx claimed that it was due to “hateful slurs or symbols,” and went on to explain that she had used such terms as “virgin, simp and incel” during a recent broadcast — but was under the impression that Twitch’s TOS against the words wouldn’t go into affect until January, which, so far, is what has been reported.

Unfortunately for Minx, she will be unable to participate in Twitch game show “Love or Host” for which she had — for some reason — purchased a fursuit.

Twitch casuals might know Minx from the hilarious White Claw clip that went viral in July, which showed the streamer fiddling around with a butterfly knife at her streaming station.

Curious to see if she could open her White Claw with the knife, she gave the can a stab, resulting in the seltzer spraying her directly in the eye.

Despite Twitch’s surprise ban, it’s nice to see that she’s taking the news in good spirits — although she’s not above asking the site to “free” her.

It’s still uncertain if Twitch has actually banned Minx for using the words she mentioned in her tweet, as that policy, as far as we know, doesn’t go into affect until January. For now, all Minx and her fans can do is wait for further information.