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Bella Poarch reveals her favorite anime, Pokemon and video games

Published: 11/Nov/2021 23:53

by Theo Salaun


Bella Poarch might be best known for her hugely popular TikTok account and artsy music videos, but she has other interests, too. In a recent interview, we asked her some of the all-important nerdy questions to get a better sense for her tastes in anime, video games, and more.

Yes, Bella Poarch holds the most-liked TikTok video of all time. Yes, she is one of the most-followed content creators on that platform. And yes, she’s dropped huge music videos and walked Rihanna’s Fenty runway, too.

But the time for talking about those successes is not now. (It was… a couple days ago, when we spoke to her about breaking barriers, becoming a HyperX brand ambassador, and more.)


Instead, now is the time to hear about the things she does off the clock. She references games and anime a lot, so we had to ask about her favorites and see how deep that love runs.

Bella Poarch interview: Favorite Pokemon, anime, and video games

Bella has cosplayed as Pikachu and shared details about her Pokemon fandom in the past. But who is her favorite of all the Pocket Monsters? The influencer answered Chikorita, the grass-type starter Pokemon from Gold and Silver.

She’s also cosplayed as Naruto’s Hinata… so, of course, Naruto must be in her top ten favorite anime, right?

Wrong. Just like she dressed up as Pikachu, while secretly repping Chikorita, her favorite anime series are actually Tokyo Ghoul and Death Note.


And, finally, as a site with deep roots in gaming, we had to ask about Bella’s favorite games to stream. This time, two mainstream titles made the list: Minecraft and Fortnite. But the other two should delight a more-niche audience, the passionate fighting game community: Tekken and Mortal Kombat.

So, there you have it. Bella enjoys mainstream hits like Pikachu, Naruto, and Fortnite, while also holding a deeper appreciation for Chikorita, Tokyo Ghoul, and Tekken.

She’s already succeeded as an influencer, singer, and model. Who knows – maybe she’ll follow in Ariana Grande’s footsteps and become a video game character next.