Bella Poarch channels her chakra as Hinata in surprising Naruto cosplay

. 11 months ago
Bella Poarch cosplays Naruto Hinata
Instagram: Bella Poarch / Shueisha

TikTok star-turned-music artist Bella Poarch is unleashing her inner anime fan — and her own fanbase can’t get enough of her cosplay skills.

Bella Poarch first rose to fame via TikTok after creating the most-liked video on the platform ever. The simple lip-syncing clip has racked up over 51 million likes thus far, skyrocketing her to internet stardom almost overnight.

Poarch is far more than a social media mogul; the influencer, like many of her fellow TikTok compatriots, has proved that she’s got a serious creative side after debuting her very first song ‘Build a Bitch’ earlier this year.

Her feminist anthem has gone on to break some major milestones on YouTube and even broke into the Billboard Hot 100 — and now, she’s getting ready to unleash her next track, ‘Inferno.’

However, Poarch isn’t some unreachable, unrelatable celebrity… in fact, she seems to have quite the nerdy side, as she unveiled her cosplay of Naruto’s Hinata in a tweet on August 11.

It’s safe to say that her fanbase is LIVING for this unexpected turn of events — but it’s really not that surprising, at all.


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In fact, Poarch has cosplayed on a number of occasions, and this isn’t even the first time she’s dressed up as Hinata. Poarch first shared the cosplay to Instagram in February, complete with whited-out contacts and a lengthy wig.

That’s not all; Poarch has also donned a Deadpool cosplay in the past, which has garnered an impressive 2.2 million likes. (We can totally see Ryan Reynolds jamming out to ‘Build a Bitch’ in the next Deadpool movie.)


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It seems that Bella Poarch has long been a fan of anime, with several pics on her Instagram showing her wearing the classic Akatsuki uniform and even posing with a giant statue of One Piece’s Luffy in Japan.


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Now we’re left wondering if Poarch will ever reference anime in any of her upcoming music videos… and considering how much of a Naruto fan she is, it’s not a stretch to hope for it!

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