Banned Twitch streamer Indiefoxx announces return to streaming

Indiefoxx sits on stairs before YouTube streaming debutInstagram/Indiefoxx

Since being banned on Twitch, fans of Indiefoxx have been wondering when she will return. She has now confirmed when she will be back broadcasting.

Indiefoxx was one of Twitch’s fastest-growing streamers throughout the notorious hot tub meta in 2021 in which she accumulated over 2 million followers.

Despite such growth, her risque content lead to a whopping six bans with the first happening on January 29 and the last, potentially permanent one, taking place on June 28, which also saw her partner status revoked.

On October 5 Indiefoxx revealed she will be back to streaming in a new video posted to her Instagram and Twitter accounts, but this time, she’ll be taking her talents to YouTube.

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Indiefoxx in hot tub outsideTwitch/Indiefoxx
Indiefoxx took full advantage of the hot tub stream meta.

Indiefoxx reveals Twitch ban is permanent

The model and singer has never commented on whether or not the ban will stick. However, she finally provided some insight in her YouTube streaming announcement video.

In the video, the streamer partakes in some ASMR while lying down on her bed. Suddenly, she receives an email from Twitch Support that reads: “Dear Indiefoxx, your account on Twitch has been suspended permanently following multiple guideline…” before being cut off.

Following this, the scene transitions to a “manager” of sorts speaking on a phone about recruiting the streamer and giving her a new home.

Finally, the video ends with an unemployed Indiefoxx on a couch with Dorito chips and Mountain Dew cans all over the place before receiving a call about a new streaming gig.

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Indiefoxx announces YouTube streaming debut

Indiefoxx’s first YouTube stream will be on Saturday, October 9 at 12 PM PST on her ‘JenelleCat’ channel.

Her move to YouTube follows other permanently suspended Twitch stars such as Dr Disrespect, who was mysteriously banned in the Summer of 2020. Unlike Indiefoxx, however, the Doc plans on suing Twitch for his suspension.

Indiefoxx salutesInstagram/Indiefoxx
Indiefoxx is returning to streaming October 9 on YouTube.

It’s unclear exactly what her streams will entail, but if they’re anything like her Twitch content, it will interesting to see if Google takes as hard of a line.

In any case, we’ll find out once she makes her grand return to streaming after a four-month hiatus.

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