Sources: Twitch leak severely underestimates earnings for biggest streamers

twitch logo on money in backgroundTwitch/Unsplash: Sharon McCutcheon

Dexerto has spoken to a source directly involved with some of the biggest creators on Twitch, and been advised the October 6 leak that detailed out the earnings of some of the biggest names on the platform are grossly undervalued as it doesn’t account for exclusivity deals.

The Twitch leak quickly spread throughout the community, and streamers’ earnings was the main topic of discussion when it dropped. Twitch has since confirmed that the breach — a 135GB file also including users’ encrypted passwords and reference to a Steam competitor in the works — took place, and they are working on it.

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With the likes of xQc, Asmongold and NICKMERCS earning millions of dollars each since the earliest leaked date of September 2019, there are some eye-watering figures in the list.

A source close to the issue has confirmed that the numbers included in the data actually omit a significant portion of some streamers’ earnings from Twitch.

Speaking anonymously to Dexerto, the source explains that the figures provided do not include exclusivity commitments.

“They may include subs and donations, but they totally don’t include the big-dollar contracts Twitch has handed out,” our source said of the leaked figures. “Some of those exclusivity contracts have advance clauses, so they withhold some of their monthly, organic revenue (via subs and donations) to cover for the big advance at time of exclusivity signing.”

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In essence, they add, it undervalues both parties, because the leaked figures “don’t show the exclusivity sum, and withholds organic revenue because of the advance.”

NICKMERCS in NFL advertTwitter: NFL
Twitch-exclusive streamers like NICKMERCS could be making way more than initially thought.

For example, if a streamer signs a $10m, two-year deal with a $4m advance, they will lose some of their organic earnings — such as ad revenue — each month to pay back the advance.

Which Twitch-exclusive streamers could be included?

While exact figures for Twitch exclusivity contracts aren’t known, and will vary by the streamer, we can assume that Twitch-exclusive streamers make even more than the leak suggests. This includes (but is not limited to) the likes of:

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These streamers are those that we know signed exclusive contracts with Twitch within the past couple of years. Additionally, DrLupo and TimTheTatman both had exclusive contracts, before moving to YouTube.

While some streamers told Dexerto that the figures were accurate, there are potentially millions of dollars kept hidden in this leak for the biggest creators.

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