Banned streamer Indiefoxx selling her Twitch clips as NFTs

Indiefoxx announces she's selling Twitch clip NFTsTwitter/Indiefoxx

Banned Twitch streamer Indiefoxx has found a new way to make money by selling clips from her suspended account as NFTs.

Indiefoxx was banned for the sixth time in 2021 back on June 28 and she hasn’t been allowed back on the platform since.

Despite having her Twitch Partner status revoked and stream link removed from her Twitter bio, the popular ASMR and hot tub streamer has yet to explain what she was banned for or how long her suspension will last.

However, that hasn’t stopped her from finding new ways to make money, with Indiefoxx now selling her clips as NFTs.

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NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens are units of data called a blockchain that end up representing a digital item, such as a piece of art, a meme, or even clips from banned Twitch streamers.

“Hello simps. So, I know a lot of you guys have been asking about Indiefoxx NFTs. Well, they’re here! I have partnered with Eternal and they’re going to be helping me,” she announced in a July 8 Twitter video.

“NFTs are like digital trading cards like Pokemon, but of top Twitch moments from yours truly,” she added with a smirk. “They are now very limited! Limited edition now!”

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Indiefoxx banned on TwitchTwitch/Indiefoxx
Indiefoxx was banned following a series of controversial ASMR streams.

Amusingly, many of the moments showcased on the Eternal website at the time of writing aren’t of the streamer in a hot tub or performing ASMR. Instead, they feature IRL clips of Indiefoxx skateboarding, singing, and walking in the street.

“All Eternal NFTs are SFW,” Indiefoxx explained in the video description, seemingly implying that her hot tub and ASMR videos aren’t exactly work-appropriate.

It’s not clear yet on how many other clips will be added to Eternal’s website or if some of Indiefoxx’s non-Twitch videos will make an appearance.

Considering the streamer has yet to be unbanned from the platform and no return date has been revealed, this could be the final bit of Twitch Indiefoxx content fans can get their hands on for a long time.

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