Anderson Silva praises Jake & Logan Paul for “changing” combat sports

Anderson Silva praises Jake & Logan Paul for "changing" combat sportsInstagram: Anderson Silva / Jake Paul

UFC legend Anderson Silva praised Jake and Logan Paul for “doing something special” and “proving” that combat sports have changed, and as for a potential fight against them, he said, “we’ll see.”

Anderson Silva was first linked to a potential fight against Logan Paul in June 2021. Rumors and leaks have been pouring out ever since. A fight between them seemed likely, and Logan couldn’t believe it was even a possibility.

However, after seeing Jake Paul beat Tyron Woodley, Silva seemed interested in taking him on, too. Jake wasn’t keen on the idea at first, claiming it’s a “lose-lose” situation. But his interest piqued after UFC President Dana White urged him to do it.

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But despite being linked to fights against both Jake and Logan, Silva told Ariel Helwani during an interview on The MMA Hour he has nothing but respect for them. In fact, he claimed they’re changing the game.

Anderson Silva is one of the UFC’s all-time greats.

“I respect the Paul kids because [they] are so smart,” he said. “[They] are doing a good job, and people need to respect [them] because both kids are doing something special. These kids prove this world has changed.”

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He acknowledged that “a lot of people” would love to see him fight against them. But instead of talking smack to generate hype, he explained that he’s more focused on preparing himself and keeping his skills sharp.

“I’m just waiting. I’m preparing my mind. I’m preparing my body,” he said. “I train every day with my coach to do my best.” As for his thoughts on the likelihood of it happening, he said, “I don’t know. We’ll see.”

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Silva isn’t the only fighter Jake and Logan could square off against in the foreseeable future. Other possibilities include Derek Brunson, Jorge Masvidal, Tommy Fury, and Vitor Belfort. Tyron Woodley is hoping for a rematch, too.

Nothing has been confirmed yet. However, there is no shortage of opportunities for the Paul brothers. The fight world is their oyster.

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