Tyron Woodley finally gets a Jake Paul tattoo in hopes of a boxing rematch

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The recent fight between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul ended with anger from the Woodley camp. However, when Tyron challenged Jake Paul to a rematch, the YouTuber had something else in mind. 

When Woodley and Paul first announced their pay-per-view boxing match, they agreed on a fairly unique wager; whoever lost was facing a permanent tattoo chosen by the winner of the fight.

After their August 29 bout ended in a split-decision that lead to Woodley losing the fight, the former UFC champ approached Jake Paul and challenged him to a rematch. The YouTuber brought up their tattoo deal again, and said that if Woodley got inked as he promised, that he would “run it back.”


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Tyron Woodley loves Jake Paul

Dexerto recently reported that Woodley had agreed to get his tattoo in hopes of securing a rematch with the younger Paul brother. With specific rules of nothing on the face or neck, fans were left wondering when they would see the boxer show off his new ink.

On September 27, Woodley surprised all of his fans with an upload to his Instagram account doing just that — showing off his new “I love Jake Paul” finger tattoo. On the post, he added: “I love you son. Now come and get this a** whippin, cause I heard you been talking back to your elders. WHERE YOU AT!?”


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Fans’ reactions to Woodley’s tattoo have been mixed, with some even wondering if the boxer had it drawn on with an ink pen.

Jake Paul responded to the former UFC champ’s tattoo with an Instagram story.

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Jake Paul posted to his Instagram stories with a confusing reply.

It’s unknown what the youngest Paul brother means with his response. Maybe we’ll hear more from the YouTuber soon.

Tyron Woodley seems to have met all of Paul’s tattoo guidelines, but that doesn’t ignore the fact that the mixed martial artist claims Jake is afraid of a rematch, as well as the fact that the YouTuber has been calling out Tommy Fury.

Woodley fans are eager to see a rematch between the two fighters, as some may even believe it was rigged after they were met with the split decision.