Jake Paul throws jab at Dana White as UFC fighter Derek Brunson issues challenge

Jake Paul throws jab at Dana White as UFC fighter Derek Brunson issues challengeTwitter: Jake Paul / Wikimedia Commons

Jake Paul’s feud with Dana White has escalated yet again after he threw a jab at the UFC President following a challenge from Derek Brunson, claiming he “owns” his fighters and they “deserve better.”

Jake Paul and Dana White have been butting heads ever since the UFC President called him a “gimmick boxer” in January 2021.

Since then, Jake has thrown a number of jabs his way, like when he told Dana to pay his fighters more money, called him a “bald bum,” and even threatened to end their feud by “knocking him out.”

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Dana clapped back too. Not only did he threaten legal action against Jake, but he also claimed he’d never work with him, denied claims he underpays fighters, and told him to “get in line” regarding his knock-out comments.

Their feud continued after Jake offered him a crazy fight, which he counteroffered. And now Derek Brunson, the fourth-ranked fighter in the UFC Middleweight division, stepped in with an offer of his own.

Dana White in a UFC press conferenceWikimedia
Dana White has been outspoken about Jake Paul all throughout 2021.

Jake shared an article written by MMA Fighting in which Brunson said: “I could use a tune-up with one of the Jake Paul brothers or something. Maybe Dana White will loan me. I could fight one of those guys.”

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Paul seemed interested in the idea.

“Dana admitted this morning that I would destroy ‘170’ pound Masvidal,” he wrote on Twitter. “So, Dana, will you give Brunson permission to make some real money? Dana?”

Brunson responded, saying, “Blonde Brunson doesn’t lose. I adapt to any environment. I outsmart and outwit then brutalize fighters. Jake Paul, come to the UFC for one fight. We can make whatever rules you want in a contract. Then, I’m sure Dana White will loan me for a boxing match!”

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However, Jake used it as an opportunity to throw another jab at Dana.

“I’m sorry that you have accepted that you are owned by Dana White and have to be loaned out, like a car. You and your fellow fighters deserve better.”

Dana hasn’t responded yet. Jake and Brunson have made it clear they’re both looking forward to a fight, but whether it happens at all is a different story.

Brunson signed a six-fight contract with the UFC in December 2019 and has only fought three times since. So he’s locked in for a while.

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