Jake Paul & David Dobrik roasted in ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ inspired cards from MSCHF

. 9 months ago
Jake Paul next to Garbage Pail Influencer card
Reddit: Exotic-Rain-1876 / Instagram: jakepaul

Influencers like David Dobrik and Jake Paul have been roasted in ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ inspired cards from art collective MSCHF, and they’re garnering a lot of attention online.

The past year has seen countless influencers get into drama or face controversies online as a result of their actions or behavior. These creators have been widely ridiculed online, and although for some of them many months have passed since their drama, many fans still have not forgotten.

Now, art collective MSCHF has taken the criticism of certain influencers to the next level by parodying them in a number of hilarious  ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ inspired trading cards. ‘Garbage Pail Kids’ was originally a series of trading cards released in 1985, that parodied the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

An image of the influencer-inspired cards emerged on the H3H3 subreddit on September 23, and features detailed cartoon recreations of ‘Trasha Paytas,’ ‘Jerk Paul,’ ‘David Dumbrik,’ and ‘Jackass James,’ (referring to James Charles.)

The cards include identifying features of each influencer’s respective controversy or career.

In David Dobrik’s card, he’s sitting on a crane that’s rolling over a body, which appears to be in reference to Jeff Wittek’s accident which happened after Dobrik swung him around on an excavator.

To reflect his boxing career, Jake Paul is wearing his belt and gloves, but is surrounded by flies.

Jeff Wittek next to David Dobrik
YouTube: Jeff Wittek / VIEWS
Jeff was left badly injured after the accident.

The cards come as part of MSCHF’s second edition Boosted Packs collection, but unfortunately for fans looking to get their hands on some, they have already sold out. You are able to enter your phone number in order to get on the priority list for the third edition.

This isn’t the first time MSCHF has caused a stir with their drops. They partnered with rapper Lil Nas X on his controversial ‘Satan Shoes’ which contained actual human blood.

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