Amouranth reveals what her conservative parents think of her Twitch & modeling content

Amouranth ralks about her parentsTwitter/Amouranth

Popular Twitch streamer Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa opened up about her childhood and what her parents first thought when she started producing risque content.

Amouranth is one of the top streamers and content creators on the internet. The hot tub and ASMR streamer has taken the world by storm and has created quite an empire in the last few years.

Her OF and Twitch material earns her over $1.5M a month, and as a result, she’s started investing into other properties such as gas stations, 7-Elevens and buying expensive Visa stock.

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But what do her parents think about the photos and videos their daughter makes? During an interview with VICE, Siragusa revealed just that.

amouranth interview with viceYouTube/VICE
Amouranth’s parents weren’t supportive… at first.

Amouranth explains what her parents first thought of her streams

Siragusa first touched on her relationship with her parents, claiming that she owes her work ethic to herself, because growing up, she was raised in front of a TV, like many kids who had working parents and didn’t have any real role models.

“My parents are very conservative,” she noted. “It’s hard for me to remember their exact words to me when I first started.”

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The Playboy bunny revealed that they weren’t very supportive at first, but one big thing really opened their eyes to the real reason she was making the content she does.

(Segment begins at 13:07 for mobile users)

“Once I showed them my bank account, they kinda felt a lot better. It’s weird how that does that to people,” she joked.

So far, Amouranth’s parents have seen her house, but not the hot tub room, so it’s unclear just how much they really know about what she does. However, she stressed how even that room is much bigger than her old room growing up, so she’s very grateful for her success.

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Given the nature of her content, it’s good to see that Siragusa’s parents are on board with her career, even if it ultimately comes down to how much money she earns in the process.

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