Amouranth joins Playboy’s OnlyFans rival ‘Centerfold’ as launch creator

Michael Gwilliam
Amouranth joins Playboy's centerfold

Twitch streaming sensation Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa has joined Playboy’s new digital platform ‘Centerfold’ as one of its first-ever creators.

Back in October, Playboy announced that it was launching a new platform called Centerfold to compete directly against OnlyFans. On December 20, the site was officially launched and its first founding creators were revealed.

In a press release, which features big names from the music and fashion space such as Cardi B, one “Kate Amouranth” is listed as one of the platform’s original creators.

Meanwhile, the Centerfold site itself features a picture of the Twitch star under the name “Kate Amouranth,” suggesting that she has in fact joined Playboy under a new stage name. However, her actual Centerfold page just goes by “Amouranth.”

Amouranth joins centerfold
Amouranth is an original creator for Centerfold.

Twitch’s Amouranth becomes Playboy model

The news that Amouranth would be joining the OnlyFans rival comes a couple of weeks after the Twitch icon claimed she had “officially” become a Playboy bunny.

On December 7, Siragusa teased fans after posting a cryptic photo of herself dressed as a bunny with the caption, “I’m OFFICIALLY a Playboy Model!”

Although she provided no further context at the time, her Centerfold page bio reads, “Cosplayer, Model, Content Creator and Playboy Bunny!”

The streamer and entrepreneur also briefly touched on Playboy’s stocks following the announcement, tweeting out a winking GIF and responded to a fan asking if Centerfold will be the “next big thing.”

“Seems to be low cost optionality, they are making a lot of good moves,” she remarked.

Amouranth as a bunny
Amouranth has become a Playboy bunny!

It remains to be seen how this new business venture will affect her content on other sites. So far, she hasn’t stated whether or not she will be discontinuing her content on OnlyFans, especially with it earning her millions of dollars each month.

We’ll have to wait and see what the future holds for both Siragusa and Centerfold heading into 2022 as the Twitch star looks to continue her path towards retirement through buying gas stations, 7-Elevens and investing.