Corinna Kopf trolls Mizkif with hilarious Twitch donation: “Hasan is so hot”

mizkif corinna hasanMizkif/Corinna Kopf/Hasan

Social media star Corinna Kopf pulled an expert-level troll on Mizkif after she lauded a different star streamer, Hasan, in his Twitch chat.

It’s no secret that Corinna Kopf is an avid Mizkif viewer, as she always popping into his Twitch chat while he’s broadcasting.

Mizkif has documented her activity in his chat well, as he has tons of videos on his YouTube channel with Corinna in the title, with one posted as recently as December 23 when she “helped” him open Christmas gifts.

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She joined his live stream once again, this time with a priceless taunt that immediately drew a reaction from Miz.

Corinna has over 1.7 million YouTube subscribers.

Corinna mocks Mizkif

During Mizkif’s stream on December 29, he noticed that he had received a 1,000-bit donation from Corinna Kopf.

Mizkif read her donation message aloud which said: “God, Hasan is so hot.”

The Twitch star was not happy with the message: “You’re f**king serious? This is not the real Corinna Kopf.” Miz went to her page, and indeed, it was actually her, as it linked back to her official Twitch page with over 480k followers.

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“Oh, it is. Do you like to be talked down to? Is that what you like, you stupid b***h? Alright, is that it?”

Hasan watched the clip on his own stream that same day, and couldn’t help but laugh at Corinna’s well-executed troll.

Donning a fake-British accent he said, “Oh man, that’s a bummer alright.”

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Corinna caused a bit of a stir with her donation, and it was 1,000 bits well spent.

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This newest prank by Kopf adds another chapter to the pair’s back-and-fourth teasing and trolling one another, which has no end in sight.