Amouranth “destroys” accountant calling her gas station purchase a fantasy

Amouranth vs accountant on gas stationInstagram/Amouranth

Twitch star Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa continues to defend her purchase of a gas station from critics and even found herself schooling some claiming to be an accountant who said she was living in “fantasy.”

On November 9, Amouranth revealed she bought a gas station and by taking advantage of some loopholes, she was able to save a lot of money on her taxes in the process.

The move, while applauded by many of her fans, had others believing she was taking advantage of a system that only benefits rich people, leading her to confront those criticisms head-on.

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Now, in a final word, she went head-to-head against someone claiming to be an accountant who said there were a lot of things wrong with her purchase.

Amouranth holding her hairInstagram/Amouranth
Amouranth went head-to-head with an accountant.

Amouranth schools accountant on gas station purchase

In a post, an accountant going by ‘Chris’ claimed to have a masters degree in tax and works as a CPA.

He claimed that there was a lot of things wrong with Siragusa’s gas station acquisition such as any profit being ignored, tax deductions being limited, and how much she paid to lease the property.

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“This is just fantasy. I wouldn’t sign that return with somebody else’s pen. I feel like I’ve been trolled,” he concluded.

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Not taking this lying down, Amouranth stormed back, commenting: “Wow, you’re a bad CPA.”

“Full expensing is in effect through 2022, after which it begins to phase out. Because the [oil and gas industry] often relies on debt to finance investment, limits on net interest expense deductions might increase tax burdens for some taxpayers in the industry.”

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To follow this up, she screengrabbed her post and captioned it: “Cold day in hell when an e-girl destroys a CPA with a master’s degree in his chosen field.”

Needless to say, the streamer was pretty confident in her decision and had no issue laying the business smackdown on anyone doubting her.

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