Addison Rae rejects Bryce Hall’s new breakup claims as “very one-sided”

Addison Rae Bryce Hall Twitter FeudInstagram: Addison Rae

Addison Rae slammed Bryce Hall for telling a “one-sided” account of their break-up during the latest episode of the ‘Sway Life’ reality show, calling him out for having “double standards.”

Addison and Bryce’s highly publicized relationship fell apart in March 2021 after she confirmed they had broken up. It all seemed mutual and amicable until Bryce called her out for blocking him on social media in April, followed by a series of cryptic tweets implying that she may have cheated on him.

After looking into it, fans discovered something went down between them in the week leading up to the Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren fight. They were spotted hanging out together and even sharing a kiss on the cheek.

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But it all came crashing down during the event when Addison was spotted with singer Jack Harlow, fuelling rumors that the two of them were in a relationship, which she denied.

Now, Bryce has shared his side of the story, and Addison isn’t happy about it.

Addison Rae Bryce Hall CheatingYouTube: Bryce Hall
Bryce and Addison were together for a year or so before breaking up.

“The week before [the fight], I went to Atlanta. I was talking to Addison. We were doing alright. We were planning to meet up,” said Bryce. “I get there… me and Addison are vibing. I think the post of me kissing Addison on the cheek was leaked… Happiest time. Everything’s going super smooth.”

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But it all went south on the day of the fight.

“I get told about the situation with her and another guy. Hits me right in the f**king chest. I’m like… shocked. And then figured out maybe that’s why she went to Atlanta a week early. And I’m like, oh my god, I feel so f**king stupid.”

It’s heavily implied that the ‘other guy’ was Jack Harlow.

The video shows a headline with his name in it the moment Bryce uttered the words, which is quite telling. However, Bryce didn’t mention him explicitly.

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The relevant part of the video starts at 2:55.


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Addison commented on the video and slammed Bryce for telling a “one-sided” story. “The truth? This is very one-sided,” she said. She also liked a comment from a fan that said, “If he’s going to profit off of publicizing that drama, then she should call him out for his bullsh*t.”

Shortly after, she followed it up with a tweet saying, “double standards,” implying that there might be more to the story behind closed doors. Bryce responded with a tweet of his own, telling her to “calm down.”

So, while Addison and Bryce have moved on from their break-up, each with their own exciting projects and developments, it seems like tensions between them are still high.

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Some fans remain hopeful they will patch things up, if only as friends. However, their latest exchange makes that a little less probable than it was before.