KSI claims Bryce Hall is why people hate TikTok

KSI reacts to Bryce Hall's TikToksYouTube: KSI/ TikTok: Bryce Hall

KSI has claimed Bryce Hall is the reason why people hate TikTok after reacting to his videos on the platform in a “try not to cringe” challenge.

KSI and Bryce Hall have begun a war of words ever since the pair preemptively agreed to a fight as long as the TikToker beat YouTuber Austin McBroom in their upcoming match on June 12.

The British YouTuber defeated Joe Weller in 2018, before throwing down with rival Logan Paul twice over, ultimately emerging the victor of their long-standing grudge in November 2019.

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Since then, personalities like Jake Paul, Fouseytube, and others have stepped into the ring to settle their differences and make a name for themselves, Bryce Hall included, who will face off against YouTuber Austin McBroom on the YouTubers vs TikTokers card come June 12.

Bryce Hall Austin Mcbroom faceoffLiveXLive
Bryce Hall and Austin McBroom are set to fight on June 12

Hall is already seeking out more opponents, successfully starting beef with KSI over Twitter. KSI, on the other hand, gave Bryce the condition that he won’t fight him unless he actually wins against Austin McBroom.

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Hall then uploaded an entire video calling out KSI, as well as two other British YouTube stars — and KSI decided to clap back with an in-depth analysis of Hall’s sparring match against influencer Stromedy.

The trash talk doesn’t end there, as KSI has gone on the attack once again, this time mocking Bryce Hall’s content on the platform that made him famous. The YouTuber began by claiming he would review Hall’s content in a “try not to laugh challenge,” but it quickly became a “try not to cringe challenge” instead.

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Immediately, KSI wasn’t happy, explaining just how much he hated the videos: “There’s a lot of good content that comes from TikTok, this is not it. This is what tarnished TikTok. This is the sh*t that made people hate TikTok.”

He continued, “If I have to suffer, you lot have to suffer with me,” before adding, “I need the drugs that he’s on because it’s unreal. It’s made him so delusional.”

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It even made him reconsider agreeing to fight, saying, “At this point, it’s just embarrassing even thinking about fighting you, man.” Although, he did add that he might not have to: “I don’t even think he’s gonna beat Austin.”

But while a war of words is one thing, a physical fight is quite another, and no insult will guarantee success if the two do eventually take their beef into a boxing ring.

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