Disney Dreamlight Valley fans demand new store in next update

Jessica Filby
Disney Dreamlight Valley Daisy boat

Disney Dreamlight Valley players are calling for a new store to be added to the game in an upcoming update.

From the moment Disney Dreamlight Valley was released, Scrooge’s store was a hotly debated topic. Many fans loved having a place to buy their furniture and clothes and enjoyed seeing the different items popping up every day.

However, those players discovered some major issues with the feature, and many began slamming it for its repetitiveness and the lackluster items that popped up every day.

Now, one fan has suggested the addition of a brand-new store with the introduction of Daisy Duck, and players are instantly obsessed with the idea.

Disney Dreamlight Valley fans want Minnie’s Bow-Tique store in next update

Sharing their idea on Reddit, one user posted a photo of Minnie’s Bow-Tique from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse TV show.

“I feel like this would be perfect when bringing Daisy to the game and to give us a new store to get more clothing items and hair, accessory items” added the poster, proving how easily it would fit in, and how it would allow Scrooge’s store to focus on furniture and items, while the Bow-Tique was all about aesthetics and clothing.

Instantly, fans took to the comments to praise the idea, with one telling the poster to “apply to Gameloft, make this happen.”

Others loved the notion, highlighting how “That would be so cool” and “Oh my gosh! That would be so cute!”

“Ok hear me out…. You can buy more hairstyles and accessories” added one fan, revealing how versatile the Bow-Tique could be, allowing fans the chance to buy new hairstyles, makeup, accessories, and clothes all in one place. It would also add perfectly to any high-street designs players are currently creating.

Thankfully, it’s highly speculated that Daisy will be arriving in the game in early spring of 2024, meaning players won’t have too long to wait – and who knows, we may just get a little more than a new character.