Disney Dreamlight Valley update will be introducing umbrellas

Mary Poppins holding her umbrella and smilingDisney

April showers bring May flowers… and umbrellas? Disney Dreamlight Valley has announced an update that will give players working umbrellas.

Disney Dreamlight Valley has accrued a dedicated and diverse fanbase, from old Disney movie stans to Animal Crossing players looking for new, cozy gaming experiences. With its inclusion of beloved childhood characters and wholesome gameplay, its popularity should come as no surprise.

One feature that Disney Dreamlight Valley players love is the development team’s dedication to providing regular content updates. From new characters welcomed in fans’ valleys to unique items and recipes, this game is one that truly keeps content coming.

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Players have often pondered ideas for new accessories or furniture, whether those be functional or purely aesthetic. Disney Dreamlight Valley has apparently been listening to the community, as they have just revealed a new update which brings with it umbrellas.

Disney Dreamlight Valley update will add umbrellas

When it comes to aesthetic, Disney Dreamlight Valley is also adding new items that are absolutely on point. Many fans have wondered about the weather mechanic in the game, especially with the frequent spring showers.

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Would they ever be able to carry around a fancy umbrella to ward away the rain? The team behind the comfy game took to Twitter earlier, announcing that players can indeed expect the addition of useable umbrellas with the game’s fifth update.

With their Tweet, the team included a short clip of a character walking through the rain while holding an umbrella. Fans responded sharing their excitement for the new item, while also expressing their desire for characters’ ability to hold umbrellas, too.

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Other players suggested new additions to accompany the accessory, such as a weather forecast system similar to Stardew Valley’s. No statement has been made on whether the umbrella will serve a purpose outside of its aesthetic appeal yet, but it seems to be a clothing accessory similar to the backpack.