Everything we know about Dead by Daylight’s next chapter: Rumors & leaks

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Behaviour Interactive really struck gold with Dead by Daylight as the game is now well into its sixth year, and the hype is building ahead of chapter 24. So here’s everything we know about the horror game’s future.

Asymmetrical shooters have risen to prominence in the last few years with the likes of Predator Hunting Grounds and the upcoming Evil Dead: The Game. Still one of the most accomplished and successful iterations in the genre is Dead by Daylight.

Its gradual inclusion of some of the most iconic figures in horror films and games has helped to retain its core fanbase. Sadako Rising was the latest chapter in DBD and we’re now looking forward to seeing what new terror could be on the way!


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Sadako Rising has certainly been creepy, but are the next few chapters going to be just as nasty?

Does the new Dead by Daylight season have a release date?

At this moment in time, the new chapter is purely speculation and no official period has been mentioned as of yet.

There is no consistent release format for each new chapter of Dead by Daylight with some being released a month apart and some having to wait a lot longer. Sadako Rising came out on March 8, 2022, so it’s conceivable that players could still be waiting some time yet.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 24 rumors

The biggest excitement about each new season of DBD is what the new theme will entail, and whilst Behaviour Interactive haven’t made it concrete just yet for chapter 24, rumors and leaks are pointing toward some big moves for the franchise.

According to multiple rumors, Season 24 of Dead by Daylight will revolve around ‘The Dredge.’ Leaked images in a Reddit thread have revealed what The Dredge might look like and along with its appearance reveal is some information about its Perks and Abilities.

Players in the thread have compared the creature to something out of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, a popular indie game that kickstarted ‘Let’s Play’ YouTube content in the horror community.

Rumors on DBD Season 25 & 26

As well as potential details on the next chapter, YouTuber Schmuckles has also been sent some information on the game’s following two chapters – 25 and 26.

The leaker informed the YouTuber: “May have some spicy news for you. I’ve got a friend of a friend who’s keeping me updated on leaks. Next chapter will have a killer called The Dredge, no idea on power yet. Will be a body horror killer, apparently like a mass of bodies in one figure. After that there will be a second Resident Evil chapter, with Ada Wong, Rebecca Chambers, and Wesker as the Killer. After the RE2 chapter, the Killer will be a Knight. I can’t give any more information.”

This information lines up perfectly with the rumor of a new The Dredge killer, which means that if the chapter 24 leak is true, then players could really be in for a new Resident Evil Season, along with a mysterious Knight killer in future seasons.

We will have to see how true all these leaks turn out to be.

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