Dead by Daylight’s next chapter brings Dungeons and Dragons crossover

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring Dead by Daylight and Dungeons and Dragons crossover.

Throughout the years, Dead by Daylight has managed to bring various franchises to the game. Next up, as revealed in a new teaser, the game’s newest chapter will feature a Dungeons and Dragons crossover.

Anticipating and speculating about Dead by Daylight’s next chapter has always been a hot topic in the community, and now that a new teaser has just dropped, there’s finally an answer to what comes next. This time, the asymmetrical horror multiplayer is bringing a Dungeons and Dragons crossover to the game, as shown in an X post.

The 20-second clip starts with a poorly lit cell, slowly zooming in before a hostile one-eyed creature makes an appearance, emerging from the darkness and slamming the bars.

Given the brief appearance, some fans were torn between deciding whether the creature in the clip was Beholder or Spectator. Either way, assuming the leaks are accurate, it’s likely that Vecna may be the game’s next killer.

While Dead by Daylight is well-known for bringing in popular horror franchises, like Halloween, SAW, and A Nightmare on Elm Street, this isn’t the first time the game’s mixed some fantasy element with terror.

Dead by Daylight’s original killer, The Knight, and Demogorgon from Stranger Things are solid examples. The latter being named after one of the creatures from Dungeons and Dragons makes it quite plausible to see another killer from the franchise being dragged to the Fog.

Players can usually try out new characters in a Public Test shortly after the chapter is announced, and it’d be interesting to see what new perks and mechanics the Dungeons and Dragons crossover will have.

So far, no other details have been officially announced, except for the caption mentioning “Listen closely to the voice in the darkness…” and that players could look forward to more information on May 14.

This date marks Dead by Daylight’s 8 year anniversary broadcast, showcasing the Year 9 roadmap, gameplay improvements, what lies ahead, and the new chapter reveal, among others.

And in case you didn’t know, Twitch Drops will also be available from May 14 until 28 to celebrate the anniversary. If you’re looking into getting some freebies from the drops, you’ll need to link your account to Twitch and watch Dead by Daylight streams for a certain period of time.

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