Dead by Daylight codes (May 2023) – How to get free Bloodpoints & Charms

A screenshot showing the Bloodpoints logo alongside the DBD logo and an image of Survivors by a campfire in the gameBehaviour Interactive

Codes in Dead by Daylight can reward players with handy resources including Bloodpoints, Irescent Shards, Charms, Rift Fragments, and even the occasional Cosmetic item. Here are all the available codes you can claim for May 2023.

Behavior Interactive occasionally drops chances for redeemable codes that Dead by Deadlight players can collect and claim in the game. These include everything from Bloodpoints to upgrade your best Survivors and Killers with, to items for customizing your character’s Charms and cosmetics.

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Below, we’ve put together every available code for May 2023 that you can currently claim in DbD which can be used to unlock free cosmetics, Bloodpoints to help you progress through the Bloodweb faster, or even to be used towards unlocking a perk in this week’s Shrine of Secrets.

Updated May 29, 2023, to add new codes. No codes expired. 


An image of Bloodpoints in Dead By Daylight with 250,000 written below it.Behaviour Interactive
There are plenty of free Bloodpoints to claim if you’re keeping up with Dead by Deadlight’s latest codes.

Dead by Daylight codes (May 2023)

As of May 29, 2023, there are eight active Dead by Daylight codes that players can redeem.

What’s more, some of these DbD codes never expire (such as the Rainbow Flag Pride Charms), so check back often!

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Code Reward
DBD7 (NEW) 400,000 Bloodpoints
TRAPPER7 (NEW) Voxel Trapper Charm
LETSROLL Dwight Charm
CAWCAW Feathers of Pride Charm
WARRIORPUPPERS Warrior Puppers Charm
  • To redeem your code, simply head to the Dead by Daylight page of Prime Gaming and select ‘Claim’.
  • You’ll then see a code containing a long string of numbers and letters, which you’ll then need to enter into the game by following the steps listed under our ‘How to redeem codes’ section.

Dead by Daylight codes that never expire

Code Reward
NICE 69 Bloodpoints
PRIDE Pride Charm
PRIDE2022 Pride Сharms (Original and Updated versions)

How to redeem codes in Dead by Daylight

The process couldn’t be easier to redeem DbD codes to claim. Follow the steps below and you’ll have all the Bloodpoints you need in no time:

  1. Once you’ve loaded into DbD, from the main menu, select ‘Store‘ at the bottom right of the screen.
  2. The Store will appear. Towards the top right of the screen, you’ll see ‘Redeem Code‘. Click that.
  3. A new UI window, shown in the image below, will open. Enter your code in the box.
  4. Press ‘Redeem‘, and if successful, the item you’ve claimed will be displayed at the bottom-center of your screen for a few seconds.
A screenshot showing the redeem code UI in Dead By DaylightBehaviour Interactive
Redeeming codes in DbD only takes a couple of steps!

Full list of DbD expired codes

All of the currently expired codes in Dead by Daylight are listed below, along with the rewards they previously rewarded:

Code Reward
HappyGW2023 50,000 Bloodpoints, 500 Shards & 5 Rift Fragments
SHOPPINGSPREE 200k Bloodpoints
MASTERMAKER  Vittorio’s Meet Your Maker Shirt
LOVEBIRD Raven Heart Charm
RABBIT Lunar New Year-themed cosmetics for Dwight Fairfield & The Spirit
LUCKY Lunar New Year-themed cosmetics for Jane Romero & The Hillbilly
LUNAR  Lunar New Year-themed cosmetics for David King, Nea Karlsson & The Trapper
ICEYYOU Frosty Eyes (The Artist & The Trickster)
ONEMILLIONSOULS One Million Souls Charm
CELEBRANDO 50,000 Bloodpoints
NOVAS 100,000 Bloodpoints
CHEGADAS 150,000 Bloodpoints
VOID 25,000 Bloodpoints
UNSTABLE 25,000 Bloodpoints
RIFT 25,000 Bloodpoints
ENERGY 25,000 Bloodpoints
DEDOBAJP2022 300,000 Bloodpoints / 1,000 Rift Shards / 20 Rift Fragments
DEDOBANOHI Silk Omamori Charm
THREEWITCHES 100,000 Bloodpoints
BILIBILI300K 300,000 Bloodpoints
ALIENWARE 100,000 Bloodpoints
TWITCHRIVALSTW2022  200,000 Bloodpoints
TOOTHFACE 10,000 Bloodpoints
SHARKY 10,000 Bloodpoints
FINN 10,000 Bloodpoints
BUBBLES Killer of The Sea Charm (expired August 12, 2022)
OCANADA Maple Leaf charm
CAKEWALK  100,000 Bloodpoints
IGBPPARTY 100,000 Bloodpoints
BLUEBIRDBEEG 100,000 Bloodpoints (expired June 16, 2022)
THANKYOU 150,000 Bloodpoints
GETTHATBAG 10 Rift Fragments
DOUBLERAINBOW 200,000 Bloodpoints
BLOODBANK 100,000 Bloodpoints
78SNOXXG 100,000 Bloodpoints
GIGXLM3G 100,000 Bloodpoints
DBDTHEBOARDGAME 200,000 Bloodpoints
JAPAN300K 300,000 Bloodpoints
RIVALSJP 100,000 Bloodpoints
THISISACODE 25,000 Bloodpoints
DBDWEBSITE 25,000 Bloodpoints
YOUFOUNDME 25,000 Bloodpoints
HELLOTHERE 25,000 Bloodpoints
RIVALSTH 100,000 Bloodpoints
RIVALSKR 100,000 Bloodpoints
DIEHARDDIVA2022 50,000 Bloodpoints
friskkuwurawrxd2022 50,000 Bloodpoints
InThisEconomy 50,000 Bloodpoints
MiladyIsSevenFootTwo 50,000 Bloodpoints
LUCKYMONEY 16,888 Bloodpoints
CAISHEN 88,888 Bloodpoints
OINKYOUNEEDISLOVE 200,000 Bloodpoints
TWOSDAY 222,022 Bloodpoints
VK130UP 130,000 Bloodpoints
LIGHTSCAMERABP 100,000 Bloodpoints
59th39 59,000 Bloodpoints
REVEALED 100,000 Bloodpoints
EASYASABC 150,000 Bloodpoints
CIPHERSALAD 150,000 Bloodpoints (Expired November 23, 2021)
FORHONOR For Honor Charm
BOOP Meg’s Pig Mask
HOHOHO 100,000 Bloodpoints
HOLIDAYSPECIAL 100,000 Bloodpoints
INSERTCOIN Arcade Classic Charm
MORICHRISTMAS 100,000 Bloodpoints
SEASONSBLEEDINGS 100,000 Bloodpoints
TREATYOURSELF 100,000 Bloodpoints
GOLDENBROS Wraith / David Cosmetic Pieces
AUSOME Wraith / David Cosmetic Pieces
PIECEOFCAKE Teddy Bear / Year 5 Cake Charms
BETTERTHANONE Wraith / David Cosmetic Pieces
RANKROULETTE 250,000 Bloodpoints
AD800947-01A7-4DEF-81AD-40DDC501DE50 250,000 Bloodpoints / 1,000 Shards
KODOMONOHI2021 60,000 Bloodpoints
MIDORINOHI2021 50,000 Bloodpoints
KENPOUKINENBI2021 40,000 Bloodpoints
DJC2021 100,000 Bloodpoints
TWITTERLORGE 100,000 Bloodpoints
BILIBILI200K 200,000 Bloodpoints
TWITTERSMOL 1 Bloodpoint
LUCKYCHARM Lunar New Year Charm
LUNARNEWGEAR Lunar New Year cosmetic for The Spirit
BULLSHIRT Lunar New Year cosmetic for Adam Francis
ZARINOX Lunar New Year cosmetic for Zarina
DISCORD200K 200,000 Bloodpoints
FROSTYBLIGHT The Blight’s Frosty Eyes
METATRON Cheryl’s Sweater of Metatron
FROSTYTWINS The Twins’ Frosty Eyes
PATHFINDER Elodie’s Pathfinder’s Sweater
FROSTYDEATH The Deathslinger’s Frosty Eyes
HOLIDAYFORMAL Felix’s Holiday Formal Sweater
NICESTOCKING Survivor’s Stocking Charm
SNAPSNAP Zarina’s Snap Snap Sweater
NAUGHTYSTOCKING Killer’s Stocking Charm
TWITCHORTREAT Trap-o-Lantern charm
ETERNALBLIGHT Blighted Jack charm
SWEETDREAMS Perk Treats charm
ENTITYPLEASED 150,000 Bloodpoints
DISCORD150K 150,000 Bloodpoints
VK100K 100,000 Bloodpoints
HAPPY1001 100,100 Bloodpoints
DBDDAYJP2020 202,000 Bloodpoints
GIFTTHERIFT 20 free Rift Fragments
OVER5000 5,001 Bloodpoints
ONLY5000 5,000 Bloodpoints
FUKUHAUCHI 100,000 Bloodpoints
HAPPYGOLDENWEEK2021 30,000 Bloodpoints
An image of the Pride charm in DBD which can be unlocked with a codeBehaviour Interactive
Behaviour Interactive releases lots of codes to redeem free items in DbD year-round, and some don’t expire.

What are codes in Dead by Daylight used for?

Dead by Daylight codes are useful for players as they often give players free Bloodpoints, allowing them to reach that new teachable perk or item a little quicker.

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Other fantastic bonuses are Charms that you can equip to your Survivor or display on a Killer’s hook, allowing you to show your personal style. Cosmetics can be redeemed, too, such as Meg Thomas’ previous ‘Boop The Snoot’ mask.

So, there you have it — everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight codes for May 2023.

For more Dead by Daylight content, as well as more code lists, make sure to check out our guides:

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