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How to play Dead by Daylight crossplay: Xbox, PS5, Nintendo Switch & PC

Published: 16/Aug/2021 21:01

by Nick Farrell


Maneuvering around the terrifying killers within Dead by Daylight is always a troubling task, especially when solo. So, you’re going to want to link up with some friends, and you’ll be able to, no matter the platform they’re playing on! 

The widely successful Dead by Daylight has been soaring since its release back in 2106, as the game now bolsters a wide array of killers and survivors for players to choose from when jumping into the action.

Escaping the persistent killers is one of the best aspects of Dead by Daylight, and the game becomes increasingly better when teaming up with friends. But, if you and your friends own the game on separate platforms, navigating the crossplay function may seem tricky at first.


We’re going to run over how to add friends and play Dead by Daylight cross-platform across all devices!

Behaviour Interactive
Dead by Daylight is known for incredible crossovers such as ones with Resident Evil.

Is there crossplay in Dead by Daylight?

Yes! Thankfully, Behavior Interactive added crossplay functionality back to Dead by Daylight in August of 2020, so it’s been around for quite some time.

This feature allows players to play with one another across most platforms, but some will be excluded, but we’re going to break that down for you in just a little bit.

Does Dead by Daylight mobile have crossplay?

Unfortunately, this is the only platform that DBD crossplay isn’t supported on, so it’ll be available on PC, Xbox, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch.


So, if you’re playing DBD on mobile, you’ll only be able to link up and go against other players that are gaming on iOS and Android devices.

How to add friends and play crossplay on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch

If you’re looking to squad up with your friends to jump into DBD, then you’re first going to need to add them as friends on the game itself.

This can be done by following the steps below.

  1. Find the Friends tab within the DBD menu
  2. An icon showing the + symbol will appear, and this will then instruct you to type in your friend’s name
  3. Make sure their name is exactly how it’s written on their platform, or the server will not recognize it

Once these steps are completed, then you should be all set to jump into some action within Dead by Daylight!