Dead by Daylight fans think Alan Wake could be the next survivor

Eliana Bollati
An image of Alan Wake 2 in Alan Wake 2.

A short teaser clip of a flashlight posted on the official Dead by Daylight Twitter has fan’s excited about the possibility of an Alan Wake crossover.

Dead by Daylight is well known for its collaborations with other popular horror films, TV shows, and games.

In the past, they’ve announced collaborations with big-name movies and games like Hellraiser and Resident Evil, as well as Netflix’s popular Stranger Things, and most recently, Chucky as one of the game’s killers.

Now a cryptic social media post has fans of the game excited about the possibility of the next crossover being none other than Alan Wake

The short 8-second clip shows a flashlight with its beam shining onto a stack of blood-splattered documents.

Fans of both games were soon speculating about Alan Wake’s inclusion in the game.

As one user pointed out in the r/AlanWake subreddit, Dead by Daylight’s lore is “surprisingly similar to The Dark Place,” going on to add “a collab would be a perfect fit for the lore of both games.”

And DBD fans seem happy about the possibility too. “I’ve wanted this since I first played DBD back in 2018!” Said one player, adding they’d be “over the moon” if the rumors turned out to be true.

Stranger Things Dead by Daylight Image
Dead by Daylight’s Stranger Things collaboration was a huge success.

With Behaviour Interactive’s record for great collabs, and Alan Wake 2 recently released, it certainly seems like the right time for the two developers to team up.

More details are set to be revealed tomorrow, on January 9. So, fans won’t have to wait too long to see if Alan Wake will indeed make his Dead by Daylight debut.

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