New DBD killer freaks out players with phobia they didn’t know they had

Patrick Dane
Dead by Daylight killer The Unknown

Dead By Daylight has revealed its newest killer, and it’s proving to be one of the most unsettling additions to the game with the community reviling his excellent design.

Dead by Daylight is full to the brim with all sorts of nasty killers. Be they from some of the biggest horror IPs in the world to Behaviour’s own creations, there’s an entire gallery of terrible monsters and serial killers to scare survivors endlessly.

One of the most appealing things about the game is the wide variety. From simple humans with a knife, to eldritch horrors, to robots to various ghosts and ghouls, there’s a killer for everyone. 

However, the newest killer revealed by the studio is giving many pause as they are deeply unsettling. Revealed as part of the upcoming season All Things Wicked, The Unknown is the game’s 35th killer, and… well, what he is is somewhat of a mystery. 

The killer has a twisted visage of what once was a person, but it’s clear something crawled inside. Is it an alien, eldritch horror, experiment, or something else? Well, that’s why it’s called The Unknown. And people seem to hate his design (in a good way). 

Fair warning – this guy is pretty creepy

On the official video showing off the killer on X/Twitter, players reacted in abject horror at the disjointed, skittering design and movements of the Unknown. 

One player wasn’t sure what fear it was triggering but they knew they hated it. “I’ve no idea what phobia this is triggering. Just ew, but also epic on so many levels”. The official Dead by Daylight account responded: “Which phobia? All of them.”

In a Reddit thread discussing the killer, one commenter simply responded: “That boy ain’t right.”

That said, some feel the axe is a strange fit for the character’s design. One Redditor said, “I find him ugly in a good way, but the axe feels kinda random to me.” Another concurred saying, “The axe definitely feels out of place for me too. Was expecting his bare hands or claws or something.”

Still, this is a pretty compelling design from the team at Behaviour Interactive. It’s great that so long after it launch, DBD is still finding unique and interesting killers to bring to the game. Now, have fun seeing this monstrosity in your lobbies soon. 

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