“Sick & creepy” new Dead by Daylight killer leaves players in awe

Michelle Cornelia
A screenshot featuring the new killer and survivor in Dead by Daylight.

The latest Dead by Daylight killer has left quite the impression on the community, with many praising its concept despite its creepy appearance.

Dead by Daylight’s Entity Realm features some of the most terrifying and gruesome killers, ranging from humans like Michael Myers and Ghostface to otherworldly-like creatures such as Pyramid Head and Demogorgon.

While the previous chapter introduced the merciless Chucky as a playable killer, Dead by Daylight’s latest chapter brings out a new original killer that some players consider “legit terrifying.” 

With a crooked body and mangled face, The Unknown sets out to hunt for innocent survivors with their deceiving, distorted human-like voice, occasionally calling for help.

The entire premise of this character has managed to leave players in awe, praising Behaviour for its concept despite its creepy nature.

“I understand some folks are kind of disappointed, but who else LOVES the new killer?” asked one user in a Reddit thread featuring a picture of the latest killer.

The majority of players agreed with the OP, mentioning that they love how mysterious he is and how excited they are to try out his powers. Others praised the killer’s voice lines, referring to how it lures victims with cries for help.

“Dude everything about it so f***ing sick. Its animations and its appearance and the CHASE MUSIC SOUNDING LIKE F***ING LAUGHTER made me feral man I love this guy,” praised one user.

“Legit one of the few actually scary DBD killers. As a huge fan of horror in general it’s hard to make me feel uneasy but this guy is just so creepy and uncanny,” another chimed in.

Dead by Daylight killer The Unknown

Meanwhile, another user wrote: “Just the fact that he is unlike all the others is terrifying; all the other killers are just people, the spirits of people, or a monster of some kind (excluding Dredge). This guy is something we don’t know what it is, so the unknown is just so cool and mysterious.”

Additionally, some players were happy to welcome this new killer as his abilities seemed to be more console-friendly compared to other killers.

All in all, the new killer seems to be getting quite the amount of attention from the community, and it’d be interesting to see how things play out once he sets out in the game on March 12.

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