Dead by Daylight: Tools Of Torment Chapter 27 – Release date, new Survivors, Killer & map update

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Key art for tools of torment in dbdBehaviour Interactive

Chapter 27: Tools Of Torment is soon to arrive in Dead by Daylight, along with a new Killer, two Survivors, Perks, and a map update — dubbed The Hunting Camp — to explore. Here’s everything we know about Chapter 27 in DbD, including its release date.

Dead by Daylight’s prior Chapter, Forged in Fog, may have transported us to the medieval era, but Chapter 27 is bringing players right back to the modern age with the technology-focused Tools Of Torment.

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Featuring a new Killer, The Skull Merchant, who utilizes tech in ways that have yet to be seen in The Fog, read on for everything there is to know about Tools Of Torment in DbD.


Image showing the new DbD Killer, Map, and Survivors being added in Chapter 27, Tools of TormentBehaviour Interactive
Tools of Torment introduces plenty of new content for Dead by Daylight fans to sink their teeth into.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 27: Tools Of Torment release date

DbD’s upcoming Chapter, Tools Of Torment, will be available to play from March 7, 2023, on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and Nintendo Switch platforms.

As has been the case with previous Chapters, including Roots of Dread and Forged in Fog, the PTB (Public Test Build) will have the Tools of Torment DLC content available to play ahead of the full release. What’s more, players won’t have to wait — as it can be accessed there as of February 15, 2023.

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DbD The Skull Merchant Killer & Power

The Skull Merchant Drone in Dead by DaylightBehaviour Interactive

Chapter 27’s new Killer, Adriana Imai — who is also known as The Skull Merchant — is Dead by Daylight’s “first original modern female slasher.”

The Skull Merchant, a wealthy executive that “dedicates her ample resources towards the search for worthy adversaries to pit herself against” has a unique Killer Power, unlike anything that’s been seen in the game before: Drones.

Her Power, Eyes in The Sky, allows players to place four of these Drones in the sky, which Survivors will then need to ensure that they avoid, needing to “disable these hovering horrors before their maker is alerted.”

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As detailed on the Dead by Daylight PTB, The Skull Merchant’s Power and Perks act as follows:

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The Skull Merchant PowerDescription
Eyes In The SkyThe Skull Merchant starts the trial with four Drones. Pressing the Power Button places a Drone, which enters Active Mode after a short boot-up period. In this mode, the Drone created a Detection Zone around itself. Within it, the Killer is Undetectable, and Survivors gain Lock On progress. The Drone reverts to Scouting Mode when no Survivor is detected for a while.

In Scouting Mode, the Drone begins a sweeping scan, and if it finds a Survivor, it re-enters Active Mode. Survivors can interact with a Drone to disable it. If they fail, it enters Active Mode; if they succeed, it returns to the Killer, but the Survivor is stuck with a Claw Trap.
Special Effect: Claw TrapA Claw Trap broadcasts the Survivor;’s location to the Killer until its battery dies. If they get too close to a Drone, it enters Active Mode and the Claw Trap’s battery is recharged. The Killer can press the Ability Button to open a Radar to see the locations of Survivors with Claw Traps and those in a Detection Zone.
Special Effect: Lock OnWhen full, the Survivor is revealed by Killer Instinct while inside a Drone’s Detection Zone, and suffers from the Exposed status effect until the meter discharges or they are put into the dying state.

The Skull Merchant Killer Perks

Game AfootWhile you are chasing the Obsession, this perk activates. Damaging generators and breaking walls or pallets gives you a 5% Haste status for 8 seconds.
Whenever you hit the Survivor with the total most time in chase with a basic attack, they become the Obsession.
LeverageEach time you hook a Survivor, gain 1 token, up to 10. When you hook a Survivor, this perk activates. For each token, reduces the speed at which Survivors heal by 3% for 30 seconds.
THWACK!After hooking a Survivor, the next breakable wall or pallet you break will make Survivors within 32 meters scream and reveal their auras for 4 seconds.

THWACK! is active for 40 seconds after the Survivor is hooked.

Dead by Daylight Tools Of Torment new Survivors

In Chapter 27, we’re seeing not one, but two brand new Survivors make their way into The Fog. Siblings Thalita and Renato Lyra are, as mentioned in Behaviour Interactive’s press release, “a direct contrast of values from the brutal single-mindedness of The Skull Merchant.”

These two characters will also receive what is known as ‘Teamwork Perks’, which are said to “benefit those who choose to work together”

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As shown on DbD’s PTB, Renato and Thalita Lyra’s Perks are as follows:

Thalita and Renato Lyra with the Skull Merchant in DbD on The Hunting Camp MapBehaviour Interactive

Renato and Thalita Lyra Survivor Perks

Thalita Lyra PerksDescription
Cut LooseAfter performing a rushed vault in a chase, this perk activates. While active, your rushed vaults are silent for up to 4 seconds, and successfully performing a rushed vault during that time resets the timer.

This perk goes on cool-down for 45 seconds.
Friendly CompetitionWhenever you finish repairing a generator with at least one Survivor, this perk activates. You and other Survivors who finished repairing the generator with you get 5% increased repair progress speed for 45 seconds.

Survivors can only have one instance of this perk’s ability active at once.
Teamwork: Power of TwoWhenever you finish healing another Survivor, you both move 5% faster as long as you stay within 12 meters of the Survivor you healing, or until one of you loses a health state.

Can only be triggered once every 180 seconds, and Survivors can only be affected by one Teamwork: Power of Two effect at a time.
Renato Lyra PerksDescription
Background PlayerAfter you unhook another Survivor, break into a sprint at 150% of your normal running speed for 6 seconds and gain Exhaustion for 60 seconds. This perk cannot be used while suffering from Exhaustion.
Blood RushThis perk activates once you are one hook away from instant death. While healthy, running, and suffering from Exhaustion, press the Active Ability Button 1 to lose a health state and recover from Exhaustion instantly, gaining the Broken status effect for 28 seconds.

You are automatically healed from injured to healthy after 28 seconds. Being put into the dying state will cancel the healing effect.

Activating Blood Rush will disable it for the trial’s remainder.
Teamwork: Collective StealthWhenever another Survivor finishes healing you, you both leave no scratch marks as long as you stay within 12 meters of the Survivor healed you, or until one of you loses a health state. Can only trigger once every 180 seconds.
Hunting Camp map in Dead by DaylightBehaviour Interactive

Chapter 27 Tools Of Torment: Map update in DbD

A brand new map update is also set to arrive in Tools Of Torment: The Hunting Camp. With a focus on shipping containers, it’s set in MacMillan Estate’s Shelter Woods map, with a luxurious executive suite situated on the upper level, and the Grim Workshop below it. Said to be “bathed in oil and blood”, it’s a place where The Skull Merchant both builds tools and shows off her “gruesome trophies”.

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So, there you have it — that’s everything we know so far about Chapter 27: Tools Of Torment in Dead by Daylight. Be sure to check back for additional details as they’re released, or the following guides to help you out as you venture into The Fog:

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