Dead by Daylight: Forged in Fog Chapter 26 – Release date, new Survivor, Killer & Perks

Forged in Fog chapter of Dead By DaylightBehaviour Interactive

Forged in Fog is the latest chapter to arrive in Dead by Daylight, bringing with it a new Survivor, a new Killer, and more Perks to discover. Here’s everything we know so far, including its release date.

New Chapters bring plenty of fresh content for Dead by Daylight fans to enjoy, so it’s no surprise that excitement levels are high for Chapter 26: Forged in Fog.

This chapter will introduce a new Middle Age-themed Killer known as The Knight, a new Survivor called Vittorio Toscano, and the new Shattered Square map to play on.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Forged in Fog chapter of DbD.

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The Knight Killer in Dead by DaylightBehaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight Chapter 26: Forged in Fog release date

DbD’s next Chapter, Forged in Fog, will be released on November 22, 2022, across PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch consoles.

The PTB (Public Test Build) is available from November 1, 2022. During this period, players can try out the new DLC ahead of its full release.

Dead by Daylight The Knight Killer & Perks

The latest Killer to arrive in Dead by Daylight will be The Knight (real name Tarhos Kovács), a brand new original character inspired by medieval knights that can summon Guards to patrol the map for Survivors.

As per the DbD Wiki, Tarhos was originally from Hungary but was kidnapped and taken to Italy as a slave after his entire village was brutally murdered. There, he trained to become a bloodthirsty warrior and eventually earned his freedom, as well as a trio of loyal followers known as his Guards.

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After countless tales of butchery and torture, Tarhos was considered by many to be the embodiment of evil – so when a dark fog surrounded him and transported him to a wasteland of bodies and burning villages, he realized he’d finally found his paradise.

Details on The Knight’s three new Perks from the PTB are listed below:

Nowhere to HideWhenever you damage a generator, the aura of all survivors standing within 24 meters of your position will be revealed for 3/4/5 seconds.
Hex: Face the DarknessWhen this Hex is inactive and you injure a Survivor, a Dull Totem becomes lit and hexes that Survivor. When the Hex is active, all other Survivors outside of your Terror Radius will have a chance to scream intermittently, revealing their positions and auras for 2 seconds. Other Survivors also see the aura of the cursed Survivor for 12/10/8 seconds. When the cursed Survivor is downed or returned to full health, the Hex is lifted, and the Hex Totem becomes unlit. Cleansing the Hex totem deactivates Hex: Face the Darkness permanently.
HubrisWhenever you are stunned by a Survivor, that Survivor suffers from the Exposed status effect for 10/15/20 seconds. Hubris has a cooldown of 20 seconds.

Dead by Daylight The Knight Killer power

The Knight’s power is called Guardia Compagnia, which allows it to summon one of three Guards to patrol nearby areas and hunt Survivors or execute tasks:

  • The Carnifex – Breaks objects faster and has a longer Hunt phase.
  • The Assassin – Moves faster during a Hunt and causes Deep Wound when attacking.
  • The Jailer – Moves faster during Patrol, has a larger Detection range, and has a longer Patrol phase.

The Knight can trace a Patrol Path for the summoned Guard to follow, which it will patrol until the timer ends or it detects a Survivor, at which point it will initiate a Hunt instead.

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Survivors will have the advantage of being invisible to The Knight while he is in Guard Summon mode.

Special AbilityDescription
Guard SummonDuring Guard Summon mode, The Knight can freely move around at an increased speed to trace a Patrol Path for the Guard to follow. When ending Guard Summon mode, the Guard will appear and Patrol the path until the timer ends or a Survivor is detected, initiating a Hunt instead.While in Guard Summon mode, you can also aim at a Mid-Progress Generator, a Downed Pallet, or a Breakable Wall to order the summoned Guard to damage them.Survivors are invisible to The Knight while he is in the Guard Summon mode.
The HuntWhile a Guard is on Patrol, he can spot and detect Survivors within a highlighted area which is displayed as a white circle. If a Survivor is detected, the Guard will move to their location, leave a Standard on the ground, and start Hunting the Survivor for a set amount of time.The Hunted Survivor can escape the Guard by unhooking another Survivor, grabbing the Standard, or surviving until the Hunt elapses.If either the Guard or The Knight himself attacks the Hunted Survivor, the Guard will disappear. If the Guard downs the Hunted Survivor, The Knight will receive a Killer Instinct notification of the downed Survivor’s location.

Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog new Survivor & Perks

Vittorio Toscano is a new Survivor introduced in Chapter 26: Forged in Fog.

According to the DbD Wiki, Vittorio was born in Italy in 1343. He defied his father’s wishes for him to become a fighter and chose pacifism instead, leading to an interest in philosophy, lost relics, and ancient civilizations.

Behaviour Interactive

On an expedition to find the Lapis Paradisus – a stone that would lead to a ‘perfect world’ – Vittorio hired a mercenary called Tarhos Kovács (aka The Knight) for protection. But after finding the stone, Tarhos turned on Vittorio and left him in the dungeon to rot.

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In his final moments before succumbing to hunger, Vittorio scratched the symbols from the Lapis Paradisus into the stone floor and imagined paradise, before a cold black fog enveloped him and he found himself in another world – one that was far from paradise.

Details of Vittorio’s three new Perks from the PTB are listed below:

Potential EnergyAfter working on a generator for 12/10/8 uninterrupted seconds, press the Active Ability Button 2 to activate this perk. When this perk is active, repairing the generator will charge this perk instead of making the generator progress. For each 1.5% of generator repair, the perk will gain one token, up to 20 tokens. While this perk has at least one token and you are working on a generator, you can press the Active Ability Button 2 to consume all the tokens and instantly make the generator progress by 1% for each token. This perk then deactivates. If you lose a health state while this perk has at least 1 tokens, the perk will lose all tokens and deactivate. Missing a skill check will also result in some charges lost.
FogwiseHitting a great Skill Check while repairing a generator reveals the aura of the Killer to you for 4/5/6 seconds.
Quick GambitWhen you are chased within 24 meters of any generator, any other Survivor working on that generator receives a 6/7/8% speed boost to the repair action.

Dead by Daylight Forged in Fog new map

A brand new map will be introduced with the Forged in Fog chapter: The Shattered Square.

As part of the new Decimated Borgo Realm, this map is a medieval Italian village that’s been burned to the ground, just like the one The Knight witnessed as a child.

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Shattered Square map in DBDBehaviour Interactive

There are various dilapidated shacks located around the map, but the main landmark to watch out for is The Gathering Hall, a two-story building with an attached shed-like structure.

That’s everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight Chapter 26: Forged in Fog. While you’re here, check out some more guides below:

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