Is Dead By Daylight crossplay? How to play cross-platform on Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, & PC

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Dead By Daylight’s crossplay functionality allows you to work together with players across different platforms as you attempt to escape the grasp of Killers via the Exit Gates. Here’s how to use cross-platform play on PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation.

Finding a match in Dead By Daylight can often take time if you’re not already in a group, but ensuring that your crossplay function is turned on in the game can make things that much quicker.

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Despite initially being absent from the title at launch back in 2016, the crossplay feature now allows you to play with people all across the world in Dead by Daylight, whether you’re playing as a menacing Killer or as one of the available Survivors.


An image of Felix Richter escaping a Killer in Dead By DaylightBehaviour Interactive / YouTube: Dead By Daylight
Play with your friends across multiple platforms to defeat the Killer and escape the Trial.

Dead By Daylight crossplay

Crossplay has been available in Dead By Daylight since August 2020, giving you a much wider pool of players to link up with, which in turn can help to make matchmaking feel much faster.

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First, make sure that crossplay is enabled in your game. Simply follow these steps:

  • At the bottom of your screen in DBD, you’ll see a cogwheel icon with ‘Options‘ next to it. Click that.
  • A window will pop up. Scroll to the very bottom of the list to the ‘Online‘ section.
  • Underneath this, you’ll a setting that says ‘Crossplay‘.
  • This should be enabled by default, but if it isn’t, select it.

That’s it – you’ll now be able to match up with players across the globe on a wide variety of platforms.

How to add friends on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch

An image of a Survivor fixing a generator in Dead By DaylightBehaviour Interactive / YouTube: Dead By Daylight
Good communication is vital to ensuring you power up the generators in a timely manner, so playing with friends to ensure a swift escape.

If you’ve got friends on other platforms that you’d like to play with, you’ll first need to make sure that you’ve got them added to your Friends List.

To do so, follow these steps once in Dead By Daylight:

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  • In the Lobby, select either of the plus (+) icons next to your survivor, or click the ‘Friends‘ icon at the bottom of your screen.
  • At the top of the window that appears, you’ll see an icon of a person with a plus (+) next to it. Click that.
  • Enter their player ID.
  • This can be found at the top left of the window. The ID will be a name, followed by a hashtag and a string of numbers.
  • Enter their ID into the search box, click the magnifying glass icon, and select ‘Invite a Friend‘ once their name appears.

Does Dead by Daylight have mobile cross-platform?

While mobile does have a basic version of cross-platform play, mobile players cannot link up with other platforms in Dead By Daylight. However, players on Android and iOS are able to join games with one another.

So, there you have it – that’s everything you need to know about crossplay in Dead By Daylight.

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