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Dead by Daylight: Roots of Dread Chapter 24 – Release date, new Survivor, Killer & Perks

Published: 19/May/2022 16:15

by Ava Thompson-Powell


Dead by Daylight’s upcoming Chapter 24: Roots of Dread has been revealed during DBD’s 6th Anniversary stream, bringing a new Survivor, Killer, and Realm into The Fog. Here’s everything we know about this nightmarish Chapter and its release date.

Dead by Daylight’s last Chapter, Sadako Rising, brought one of horror’s most iconic characters into play. Next, we’ll be treated to some new, original additions to The Entity’s Realms in Chapter 24.

The Dredge, the upcoming DLC’s new Killer, will add a brand new layer to gameplay – with the ability to utilize a previously safe area of respite for Survivors to turn the game’s endless Trials on their head.


Here’s everything you need to know about Roots of Dread in DBD.


Art for Roots of Dread, Chapter 24 in Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive
Players will have lots of new content in Chapter 24, Roots of Dread.

Dead by Daylight Chapter 24: Roots of Dread release date

DBD’s latest chapter, Roots of Dread, will release on June 7, 2022, on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

The PTB of Roots of Dredge will be live on Steam following the ending of Behaviour’s 6th Anniversary stream, where players are able to test out the new DLC ahead of time.

Dead by Daylight The Dredge Killer perks

The latest Killer to arrive in Dead by Daylight will be none other than The Dredge; a new, original character. A manifestation of darkness inspired by the Boogeyman, this new Killer is inhuman, nightmarish, and emotionless.


During a press event for the upcoming Chapter, Dave Richards – Creative Director of Dead by Daylight – stated that while researching for the new Killer, they found that there are “different ‘Boogeymen’ that exist. So we took inspiration from that mainly, for our art team, for the look of the character and different nightmares. Disgusting biology that creeped us out was also a big part of the inspiration.”

Details on its three new Perks from the PTB are listed below:

Perk Description
Septic Touch Whenever a Survivor performs the healing action within your Terror Radius, that Survivor suffers from Blindness and Exhausted. Effects linger for six seconds after a healing interaction is interrupted.
Darkness Revealed When you search a locker, the auras of all Survivors within eight meters of any lockers are revealed to you for three seconds. 30-second cooldown.
Dissolution  Three seconds after injuring a Survivor by any means, Dissolution activates for 12 seconds. While Dissolution is active, if a Survivor fast vaults over a pallet inside of your Terror Radius, The Entity will break the pallet at the end of the vault. Deactivates following this.
The Dredge, a new Killer in Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive
The Dredge will be the latest Killer to creep onto our screens in DBD.

Dead by Daylight The Dredge Killer power

The Dredge’s new power is called Reign of Darkness, which allows it to teleport into what was previously one of the safest hiding places in DBD: lockers.


Survivors will have to ensure they’ve got their wits about them to ensure they don’t end up with a nightmarish shock while trying to avoid being hooked.

Night Cycle, the second phase of its power, will slowly build up and trigger the Survivor with darkness – making it difficult to navigate. What’s more, all they will be able to see is The Dredge itself off in the distance.

Perk Description
The Gloaming When activated, The Dredge leaves a Remnant behind. Aim at a locker to teleport to it (or alternatively, return to a Remnant). The Remnant is disabled when teleporting to a locker or when a Survivor touches it. While in a locker, teleport to another by aiming at it. Each teleport consumes a Power Token. Exiting the locker or returning to your Remnant will activate The Gloaming’s cooldown, after which all Power Tokens are recharged.

Survivors can place locks on lockers which can slow down The Dredge from exiting them. The Dredge can break locks by exiting a locked locker or performing a base attack on the lock. Each can only be locked once.

Nightfall Nightfall’s meter builds when a healthy Survivor is injured, when one is hooked, or when the Teleport Power is used. Fills faster for each Survivor in the injured state. Nightfall begins once the meter is full.

During Nightfall, Survivors will navigate in total darkness. The Dredge can teleport with a faster cooldown and there is no Terror Radius. Ends after 60 seconds. Survivors destroying the Remnant also reduces the time of an active Nightfall.

Haddie Kaur, the newest Survivor in Dead by Daylight
Behaviour Interactive
Arriving on June 7, 2022, Haddie Kaur is the latest Survivor in Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight Roots of Dread new Survivor & Perks

Haddie Kaur is Chapter 24’s brand new, original Survivor in DBD, a name that long-term fans of the game may recognize from previous Archive entries.

Originally born in India, this Quebec-raised Survivor tragically lost her parents in a car crash and was then raised by close family friends, growing up with an interest in the paranormal due to her ability to see Bleeds, which allows her to see into The Entity’s realm.


Her new Perks, as detailed on the PTB, are listed below:

Perk Description
Inner Focus You can see other Survivors’ scratch marks within 32 meters of you. Whenever another Survivor loses a health state within 32 meters of you, the Killer’s aura is revealed to you for three seconds.
Residual Manifest After a successful Killer Blind action, the Killer is affected by the Blindness status effect for 20 seconds. This perk grants the ability to rummage through an opened chest once per trial and will guarantee a basic Flashlight.
Overzealous After cleaning any Totem, this perk activates. Your generator repair speed is increased by 4%. This perk deactivates when you lose a health state by any means.
Interior of the home in The Roots of Dread Garden of Joy
Behaviour Interactive
While everything looks eerily calm from the outside, the interior of the home in the Garden of Joy begs to differ.

Dead by Daylight Roots of Dread new map

A brand new map will also arrive in Roots of Dread: The Garden of Joy. Part of a brand new Realm created by The Entity, it’s based on familiar, small towns in The United States and directly feeds back into The Dredge, who is at its core, a direct representation of what emerged from the town and those that resided there.

Built from the memories of different characters, and with a large family home situated in the center of the map, this map turns the focus of Trials in DBD into domestic horror.


So, there you have it — that’s everything you need to know about Dead by Daylight Chapter 24: Roots of Dread.

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