Cyberpunk 2077 players celebrate 2.0 update: “Feels like I’m playing a new game”

Mr Goldhand in Cyberpunk 2077CD Projekt Red

Cyberpunk 2077 players are discussing how the long-awaited update 2.0 finally turns the game into what was promised years ago.

Almost three years after one of the messiest game launches of all time, it’s finally safe to say Cyberpunk 2077 has turned things around.

Following years of patches and bug fixes, including a free PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S upgrade, the massive update 2.0 has dropped. This comes a week ahead of the Phantom Liberty DLC’s release on September 26.

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After spending some time with the update, fans are overall quite happy with the changes developer CD Projekt Red has implemented. It’s taken a while, but it seems like Cyberpunk 2077 has finally become the game fans were promised ahead of launch.

Screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom LibertyCD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red has finally turned Cyberpunk 2077 around

To call Cyberpunk 2077’s launch messy is an understatement. While reviews were largely positive, the game famously was full of bugs and struggled to run, particularly on older consoles. This led to investigations and class actions lawsuits from those who accused CD Projekt of misleading consumers and shareholders regarding the game’s technical issues.

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CD Projekt apologized for the game’s state at launch and continued working on the game. Update 2.0 and the Phantom Liberty expansion are something of a culmination of their efforts, adding a variety of changes and improvements for free alongside the paid DLC.

Based on fan reactions to update 2.0 and early reviews for Phantom Liberty – including Dexerto’s own – that work seems to have paid off.

In a Reddit thread, players are sharing their thoughts on 2.0 and its changes.

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Most of the responses are overwhelmingly positive. While there are aspects fans may need to adjust to, the changes have been well received. As one fan noted, “[it] Feels like I’m playing a new game” even when using an existing character.

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CD Projekt Red is also being praised for making the “bold” choice to “basically scrap the health item & throwable inventory…all to streamline the experience into what matters most: immersion and immediacy.”

Another aspect being praised is the update’s NPC improvements, particularly related to the police. The police system was notoriously buggy in previous versions, but as one player said, after 2.0 “NCPD dont f&@k around.”

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Others have praised the visual and performance improvements the update brings.

All in all, Cyberpunk 2077 finally seems to be a solid RPG experience players can enjoy without caveats. While the game may always be remembered in some capacity for the frustrations and controversies that surrounded it at launch, it has come a very long way between December 2020 and September 2023.

With a sequel in the works codenamed “Project Orion,” it’s certainly reassuring to see that Cyberpunk 2077 is now living up to its full potential, delivering the experience fans were hoping for back in 2020.

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