10 best Call of Duty Warzone players: December 2021

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Call of Duty: Warzone’s trip to the Pacific has been a bumpy ride, but a fun one nonetheless. With temporary retirements, the first-ever LAN, and six high-stakes tournaments – here are December’s, and Caldera’s, best Warzone players.

Leaving Verdansk for the Pacific was exciting, but it seems that the voyage left the console community behind and, for a time, Aydan as well. With invisible skins and anti-cheat troubles, it wasn’t always sunny in the Pacific – but there were still some great tournaments.

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Of December’s six $20K-plus tournaments, only one involved practically all top-tier pros. Of the remaining five, two were tournaments with spotty invitations, and one was an inherently limited LAN event.

As such, Warzone’s December top 10 might look different than previous months and it might look different moving forward. Still, these are the guys who stood above the mess and produced results on the new map.

10. DiazBiffle

When you watch Biffle play, it’s obvious he’s a top-10 player – if not the best overall. He proved that on LAN, too, pulling off an incredible 1v2 against the game’s best to secure 2nd place at the historic $100K Baka WonderLAN.

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The problem is… Biff’s other December placements just don’t stand up to snuff. He finished 18th in the $100K FaZe Pursuit and 27th in the $25K BoomTV UFC Invitational. The LAN heroics were enough to get Biff into the top 10, but limited participation and inconsistency hold his ranking back.

9. zColorss

Back in August, Colors was a little salty on stream after being left off the top 10 despite some late-month tournament wins. At the time, others had performed in bigger events, but he’s absolutely earned his seat at the table in the Pacific.

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Settling into a nice groove alongside zSmit and Stukawaki, Colors has been on a bit of a rampage. He placed 6th in the UFC Invitational, 1st in the $40K NOS tournament, and 2nd in the $20K RealChain event. 

While some of the game’s biggest players didn’t participate in those last two tourneys, you don’t get to choose who you play. You only get to choose how you play and, in December, Colors was a force.

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8. UnRationaL

UnRationaL may be overlooked by some, but he’s been one of Warzone’s most consistent performers for as long as I can remember. In December, that work paid off – as he played into the money in multiple events.

Taking 1st in the RealChain event and 2nd in the UFC Invitational may have been enough to earn a spot in the top 10. The cherry on top was his top-10 finish on LAN, despite playing with a new teammate (CDL assistant coach x2Pac_ThuGLorD).

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7. ScummN

The Toxic Terror makes his return to Warzone’s top 10 in Pacific’s first month. A menace on the map and the timeline, ScummN talks a lot, but most certainly backed it up in December.

As mentioned, Scum and UnRationaL placed 2nd in the UFC Invitational and 1st in the RealChain tournament. Without UnRationaL, though, he also took 3rd with HusKerrs during the CodeRed event. Face cam Scummy has been hitting different.

6. Stukawaki

It is no exaggeration to say that Stukawaki is slept on. In fact, he nearly missed a spot on this list until I double-checked December’s data. 

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Stu deserves his credit, though. Not only did he place 6th (UFC $25K) and 1st (NOS $40K) with zSmit and zColorss, he also went ahead and placed 2nd in the FaZe $100K while playing with a different trio (Slacked and Xamzah). Absolutely massive month out of the menace.

5. zSmit

While he’s been on the precipice of cracking the top 10 a number of times, zSmit is finally exiting honorable mention territory. In December, those 1st-, 2nd-, and 6th-place finishes were enough to raise eyebrows.

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Smit also put the scene on notice during Code Red’s tournament, though, as he finished in the top 6 while playing with a new teammate, iSmixie. The Jersey Devil has stormed into the prize money as one of Pacific’s walking highlight reels.

4. HusKerrs

There was a couple-month period where HusKerrs and Newbz were the deadliest duo in Verdansk. In Caldera, Husk hasn’t quite matched that run of form – but he is still hard-carrying the mouse and keyboard community.

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The big-time earner finished 1st in the RealChain event, 2nd at the UFC Invitational, 3rd at CodeRed, and 6th at the WonderLan. Although he has to switch teammates between Duos and Trios tournaments, Husk has been one of the Pacific’s most consistent and punishing players.

3. Newbz

Speaking of the devil, Newbz has had quite the run in the Pacific. In Trios specifically, the TBE trifecta of Tom (Tommey), Ben (Almond), and Edy (Newbz) have mostly laid waste to Caldera.

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Having placed 1st in both the UFC Invitational and FaZe Pursuit, Newbz has been up to no good. While he, and his trio, settled in at 7th in the RealChain event, he and HusKerrs did place at an above-average 6th in the WonderLAN. He’s been the picture of consistency and it should surprise no one that TBE claim December’s top three.

2. Almond

Consider this a “1a, 1b” situation. Or you consider it a “muscle and the brains” operation, where the mechanically twisted, instinctively gifted Almond handles a good deal of the punching.

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With the TBE trio, Almond won the UFC Invitational and FaZe Pursuit. With his duo Tommey, the Nut Gang’s leader did even better, taking 1st in the aforementioned $100K LAN. In its first month, Almond has emerged as one of Pacific’s best POVs.

1. Tommey

Tommey Call of DutyMLG
From competing on LAN to… competing on LAN, Tom has taken over Caldera.

He took the top-earner mantle from Aydan and, in doing so, took practically every Caldera contest along the warpath. No Warzone pro had more top-10, top-five, or first-place finishes in December’s major Pacific events than Tom and Almond. 

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The aforementioned brains of the tandem, Tom somehow transitioned from learning multiplayer spawns in the Call of Duty League to determining lengthy rotations in Warzone. It’s no surprise a former pro shoots straight and won the battle royale’s first LAN, but the bar he sets as an IGL is on another level.

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