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10 best Call of Duty Warzone players: July 2021

Published: 29/Jul/2021 16:30 Updated: 29/Jul/2021 19:05

by Theo Salaun


The Warzone player power rankings are back for July 2021 after two months of nonstop tournaments. With more competition than ever, here are the 10 best players in Verdansk right now.

Fifteen people have earned over $100,000 from Warzone tournaments. The esport has more talent than ever before and choosing a list of the best, let alone ranking those best, is a fool’s errand. So… allow us to be foolish and rank Verdansk’s demons. 

These spots should shift each month, but will do so dependent solely on performance in $20K-plus Custom and 2v2 tournaments, weighted respectively. For this list, we’re considering current form extending back to June. 


Mostly subjective, the eye test is our chief qualitative metric. Quantitative metrics include average tourney placement in 2v2s and Customs since June 1, alongside average kills and average K/D — which are only available for Season 4 2v2s. 

warzone 10 best players july 2021

Honorable Mentions: HusKerrs, Fifakill, zSmit

Each of these three is a force in any given tournament and could crack the 10 on any given month. Right now, they simply haven’t been as consistent or prolific as those ahead of them and have just barely missed the cut.

10. Alex ‘Destroy’ Benabe

Since getting more involved in wagers and tourneys, Destroy and Zlaner have proven themselves true top-tier threats despite failing to win an event.


D has placed top-three in four events, with an average placement of 6.00 and a 5.09 average K/D. The guy is a high-octane menace and he proved so during the toughest custom lobby of all time, the $300K World Series of Warzone, where he posted the seventh-most kills (out of 150 players).

9. Zack ‘ZLaner’ Lane

The other side of the juiced pair, Z gets a slight nod over his duo because his average K/D has been a dirty 6.78. He’s also averaged 15.00 kills to Destroy’s 13.62, deserving a slight bump.

Don’t get it twisted though: comparing these two is like comparing flavors of G-FUEL — different names, same levels of cracked energy. Won’t be long before they win a major event.


8. Edy ‘Newbz’ Juan

While his trio teammates, Tommey and Almond, have settled into a scary rhythm, Newbz has relatively struggled as a duo with HusKerrs. Still, despite only winning one event, Edy has remained one of Warzone’s best.

Averaging 15.33 kills and a 6.07 K/D, Mr. Juan is balanced, level-headed, and as sharp as anyone in Verdansk.

7. ScummN

Like Newbz, ScummN’s ranking suffers due to uninspiring placements. But you just can’t avoid what this toxic terror has been pulling off.

Of these 10, Scummy has the lowest average placement… but the second-highest K/D (and second-most kills in the WSOW). A slept-on troll, he’s wildly talented and can hit pure hard-carry mode (like when he dropped a 13.00 K/D and won the $100K Empire Heist).


6. Rhys ‘Rated’ Price

Rhys may not approve of this ranking, but he doesn’t approve of much anyway. The villain of Verdansk, Rated speaks a lot, but deposits even more. Since June, no duo has won more events than the Chedda Bros (and one of their five wins was the high-stakes WSOW).

Nonetheless, a 5.23 K/D and 13.38 average kills keep Rated out of a ludicrous top five. That shouldn’t bother him much though, as the proven winner and communicator still has more earnings than four of them anyway.

5. Evan ‘SuperEvan’ Moore

Despite not grinding wagers, Evan and Biffle are the scariest duo on any bracket. And now, playing more tournaments than ever, they’re only getting more consistent. 


Ev is sitting on a sickening 2.65 average placement and has won two events while posting a 6.54 K/D and 16.85 average kills. While he doesn’t have the most twisted mobility, his freak aim and positioning help him hit otherworldly form. 

Case in point, he notched 49 kills and secured second place in the WSOW. That’s 13 more kills than the second-highest, equal to the difference between second and… 10th. Just gross.

4. Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewren

For Evan to be fifth with those numbers is shocking — until you see what Tommey has been up to. One of the game’s coolest heads and hottest triggers, he’s won four events (excluding EU) while averaging a 7.15 K/D and 16.56 average kills.

A true helicopter hitman, Tommey has been outright sensational of late. With the highlights to match the trophies, he’s become the biggest threat to Aydan and Rated on the earnings list.

3. Ben ‘Almond’ Rosendahl

Tommey’s duo and the leader of the “nut gang,” Almond is an outright slayer. Four tournament wins and, among this list, third-highest K/D (7.40) and second-highest average kills (17.32) — the numbers speak for themselves.

And yet, the gameplay can’t be ignored. Possibly Warzone’s most balanced player, Almond has the movement, gun skill, and composure to complement Tommey on an uncomfortably synchronized level.

2. Aydan ‘Aydan’ Conrad

Some players have movement, some have gunnies, and some have positioning. Aydan is that rare all-of-the-above, naturally cracked breed. And yet, Warzone’s highest earner is still improving. 

The Cleveland Demon’s composure and game sense seem to be sharpening, as he overextends less and lets the game come to him instead. That’s helped him notch five event wins (including the WSOW, in which he dropped the fourth-most kills), but his stats have been too inconsistent to dethrone the teenager ranked No. 1.

1. Diaz Biffle

In March, I called Biffle the Boogeyman of Verdansk. It fit, as he was a scary sight, except one seen when prize pools hit triple-digits, instead of at night. But Biff is playing in a lot more tournaments now and, somehow, he’s become even spookier.

Normally, statistical outliers trend toward the average with more data. But, even after doubling his tourney participation, Biffle’s numbers still defy logic. He is at the top of literally every metric considered: average placement (2.55), K/D (9.87), and average kills (20.23). 

It doesn’t make any sense. And neither does watching him. Absurd mobility (shout out FormaL), unmatched gunmanship, and bizarrely natural instincts to put it all together, Biff’s clips could literally be used for a Cronus commercial.

Forget “the Boogeyman,” Verdansk’s final boss is Diablo Biffle right now.

List is highly volatile and changes monthly. All statistics are courtesy of the fine folks at InTheZone.