New Warzone map revealed to be 1980s Verdansk in leaked celebrity trailer

Tanner Pierce

In a celebrity trailer leaked to social media, fans got a glimpse at what seems to be Warzone’s new map, which features Verdansk in a 1980s theme with some major changes and brand-new locations. 

If you’ve been wondering what Verdansk would look like in the 1980s, then a leaked trailer that hit Twitter recently has you covered.

On March 31, 2021, fans got a surprising look at what appeared to be a trailer for Warzone featuring celebrities like Jack Harlow, Young Thug, Gunna and Druski. The trailer itself, a work-in-progress with unfinished sections, featured a first look at some of the locations that will be featured in a yet-to-be-announced 1980s Verdansk map.

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While fairly short, the trailer showed some very quick looks at changes happening across Verdansk. The entire map wasn’t shown so it’s unknown just how much more might be changed, but it did offer some very interesting looks at a few major alterations.

A leaked trailer seemed to show off shots from an upcoming 1980s Verdansk map.

In the trailer, the Verdansk Stadium appeared to have been changed to some sort of under-construction version. It appears to have a similar layout to the one currently in-game, albeit very early on in construction, with only part of the structure being completed and a crane jutting out in the middle.

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Additionally, the area that was once the Dam was also shown. The large Dam structure was replaced by a simple bridge overlooking seemingly lush forest, with all water and ice seemingly removed from the area so it looks very different compared to its current in-game counterpart.

Finally, players also got a couple quick shots of some other areas on the map, including one that looked like the location featured at the end of the Black Ops Cold War campaign, as well as what appears to be a new airport.

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The leaked trailer showed a few locations that could be changed including Dam, Stadium, Airport and more.

There also seemed to be some kind of underground railway, although it’s unclear if this is a version of the subway (which also goes underground) or something else.

Of course, we won’t be showing the trailer here and attempts to find it online will more than likely fail, as Activision is trying to scrub its existence from the internet for now. We’ll keep an eye out for a finished trailer being published officially, but fans are certainly more intrigued than ever about the future of Verdansk.

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