FFAR secretly nerfed in Warzone Season 2 with major attachment changes

FFAR Warzone nerfsTreyarch

It was a surprise when the FFAR wasn’t mentioned in the Warzone Season 2 reloaded patch notes, with players expecting a nerf. But, the weapon was actually nerfed – because of major changes to attachments.

Although it will require further testing to verify, players immediately noticed their FFAR loadout felt less effective. Specifically, ADS time on the weapon feels a lot longer.

Warzone streamer and NRG member JoeWo was one of the first to spread the word about a possible FFAR nerf, posting “From one game it seems the AUG is still GOD LIKE and the FFAR is terrible now… complete opposite of the patch notes.”

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In the patch notes, the Cold war AUG was the only weapon specifically targeted with a nerf, and deservingly so, as it has been dominating the meta.

FFAR stealth nerfed in Warzone?

But, according to JoeWo, the change hasn’t been meaningful, while the FFAR – supposedly untouched – is “terrible now.”

And he wasn’t the only one. FaZe Clan streamer Swagg also said that it felt like the AUG hadn’t been “touched,” while the FFAR now had “slow ass ADS.”

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FFAR attachment changes

According to YouTube JGOD, who has done his own testing, the FFAR has been nerfed “pretty hard.” The reason is that the Takedown barrel, a popular pick for the FFAR has been changed.

“It no longer helps with bullet velocity, I tested this,” JGOD explains, “and it’s not helping you with strafe speed so it’s a lot slower.” The reason for the slower ADS time can also be attributed to the Salvo 50 Rnd fast mag, which now has huge ADS penalties.

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For this reason, you’ll want to avoid the Fast Mags and the Takedown barrel on the FFAR from now on.

The weapon’s damage appears to be the same, and so it’s just the attachment changes that are making all the difference in Warzone right now.

These attachment tweaks will also affect the M16, so the same rules apply here too. It’s time to rework a lot of your FFAR loadouts.

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