Warzone players concerned as new Airport Tower spotted in Pacific teaser

Theo Salaun
call of duty warzone pacific map airport tower atc plane

Thanks to the “Secrets of the Pacific” event, Call of Duty: Warzone fans are already worried about the new Caldera map. The cause for concern? People have spotted an uncomfortably familiar Airport Tower in one teaser.

In the 600-plus days since Warzone’s release, Verdansk has enjoyed its share of love and hate. But perhaps no specific building was as despised as the tall, campy Airport Tower (known as ATC, or Air Traffic Control, by many).

The tall, hard-to-attack structure was hated in both the original Verdansk and the 1984 version. We literally had to write articles about countering each one because people were so annoyed with them.

Now, the Secrets of the Pacific event has brought sneak peeks at the upcoming Caldera map. And it didn’t take long before players noticed a notorious, familiar sight — and they want answers.

Warzone fans concerned about Pacific map Airport Tower

Within hours of Secrets of the Pacific going live, people quickly noticed that one teaser looked weirdly similar to the old map. The event gives peeks at a number of new locations, but one polaroid shows what is undoubtedly an airport tower.

Bringing the issue to light, ModernWarzone tagged the game’s devs at Raven Software with a simple hope: “Say it ain’t so.”

In the replies, many were concerned. Some even hoped they’d be able to destroy it, alluding to the reports of destructible environments coming with Vanguard’s Warzone integration.

On the plus side, it does look like the rest of Pacific’s teasers are very different from Verdansk. This is exciting news for players ready to jump into a brand-new battlefield.

And that excitement has some surprisingly positive about the Pacific ATC as well. Impressively, instead of being too concerned, many have noticed that the new version of the notorious tower has a winding stairwell.

There are hopes that said stairwell will make the building harder to camp in Caldera. With the new map delayed and expected to launch on December 8, players will soon be able to test that hope out themselves.

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