Warzone cheater exposes their hacks in the dumbest way possible

Theo Salaun
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A Call of Duty: Warzone hacker tried to defend themself from accusations on stream, only to expose their cheats in a ridiculous way. Trying to pretend he didn’t know about a hack website, he accidentally revealed just how familiar he really is.

The internet has existed for long enough that people are pretty aware of how hyperlinks work. When you haven’t visited a site, it’s typically blue. When you have visited a site before, its color changes to purple.

‘Therealgiooo’ was accused of cheating in Warzone and, when someone mentioned the hacks website, he feigned innocence. Pretending he didn’t know what accusers were talking about, he decided to Google “Google” on stream and then search for the website itself.

Once the search results came up… the page, as well as its “Warzone,” “Forum,” and “Purchase” links were all purple. He immediately swapped screens, but not before people realized and showed the internet his dumb mistake.

Viral TikTok shows Warzone hacker exposing their hacks in silly way

As you can see from the clip, Gio gets accused of hacking and decides to play it off. Someone mentions the cheat website where you get the magnetic aim he was using, to which he responds “you said ‘EngineOwning,’ what the f**k is that?”

Then he goes ahead, continuing the bit, pretending that he doesn’t know what EO is and searching it online. A moment later, the site pops up and all of its links are purple, and Gio lets out a priceless “oh” and switches screens.

At the moment, the video has almost 1 million views on TikTok. Top comments range from calling him the “clown of the year” and making fun of him for googling Google.

Warzone hacker threatens to ‘fry routers’ after being exposed

In response to the entire situation, Gio has a new plan of action. According to his Discord, he allegedly intends to “fry [accusers’] routers” and use bots to report their Twitch channels.

For those who think the accusations are baseless, despite the purple links, others have pointed to his CoD stats. His CoD Tracker shows that he went from an impressive 3.2 K/D to a practically unfathomable 10.09 K/D with 50% headshot accuracy.

His Twitch channel has already been banned and one has to assume his Activision accounts will struggle once the RICOCHET Anti-Cheat drops.

Still, Warzone hackers being exposed isn’t anything new. Exposing themselves while pretending not to know what people are talking about, though? Now that’s a first.

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