Warzone players want return of popular Verdansk weapons feature

Jacob Hale
warzone operator sniping in verdansk

Warzone players have called for the return of a popular yet understated feature in the weapon pool from Verdansk, and it could completely change the game across all of the current maps, both regular battle royale and resurgence.

Warzone players yearning for the days of Verdansk is no new thing by any means. Many miss the “golden days” of the Call of Duty battle royale, with the old map, movement, and more being beloved.

However, it’s not just the map itself that fans want to bring back — which many leaks point towards actually happening — but some details that once would be considered minor are now leaving players feeling like the current game is missing something.

And while many players miss the old meta weapons, there are actually certain weapon features that they want to return — and it pertains specifically to floor loot.

Warzone players request blueprint floor loot weapons again

Floor loot can make or break your early-game fights — if you fail to find a good gun when you land, it could mean an extremely quick trip to the Gulag.

That aside, one thing that developers Raven Software stopped doing at some point, but players want back, is putting blueprint weapons in the floor rotation, and some have called for it to come back.

“Why did the devs remove blueprint weapons from supply boxes?” asked Knexium on Reddit. “I kinda miss getting to use new blueprints without having to buy them.”

While the comments were quick to suggest that Knexium answered their own question — that buying the blueprints was important to Activision — there is some merit to the idea that if players like the blueprints enough, they might actually go to the store and buy them.

It seems unlikely that Raven would consider bringing back floor loot blueprints, but nothing is impossible, so you never know.

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