Is Verdansk coming back to Warzone? Leaks, possible dates, more

Jacob Hale
Downtown POI in Warzone Verdansk

For years now, there has been a lot of speculation over the future of Verdansk in Warzone, with many original players clamoring for the map to return. With leaks and rumors ramping up, here’s what we know so far about Verdansk returning to Warzone.

Verdansk was the original map in the Call of Duty battle royale hit, and quickly became incredibly popular among the wide playerbase the game brought in.

Eventually, in December 2021, 18 months after the game launched, Verdansk was removed and replaced by Caldera, which never quite lived up to its predecessor despite players’ growing calls for a new map.

Ever since then, Verdansk has been requested by players across the board, wanting to revisit their old haunts and their favorite drops, but it always seemed as though that was an impossibility — unless you want to play Warzone Mobile, in which Verdansk had already been announced.

But will it be coming back to PC and console?

Verdansk return leaks

According to the latest leaks from Insider Gaming, Verdansk will return to Warzone in 2024, with the release of Treyarch’s mainline release, tentatively dubbed Black Ops Gulf War.

This comes after players got very excited when the Modern Warfare 3 trailers started to drop, and a number of Verdansk POIs were clearly visible throughout, with the campaign set around a number of Verdansk locations too.

Verdansk possible return date

While there is no official confirmation of a Verdansk return yet, let alone a date, we can deduce when Verdansk will come back if the above is true.

In recent years, we have got the mainline Call of Duty game in November, shortly followed by a huge Warzone update in early to mid-December.

With that in mind, and knowing that Call of Duty updates are on Wednesdays, we can speculate that should Verdansk return, it will likely be on December 4, 11, or 18.

It’s worth noting that all of the above is purely speculation and leaks right now so, while these leaks are usually accurate, they should be taken with a pinch of salt until something official comes from Activision.